Roon very slow on QNAP TS-473-4G

Hi, I installed Roon on a QNAP TS-473-4G (1bay - SSD Samsung 850 PRO 2567GB, 2 and 3 bay - Seagate IronWolf 6TB, 4 bay - WD Red 6TB backup), the installation went well, but I often have to wait several seconds (sometimes even minutes) before it can do something. Can I do some verification? Do you have any advice for me?

thank you very much

How big is your music Library? Do you use streaming services?

4GB RAM is sort of minimum requirement for Roon on NAS as on a NAS many other processes may be running and consuming RAM too. If the system has to swap out RAM on disk, things start to slow down noticeably. Also when you use streaming services, query results for content from external sources are likely getting cached for later use and thus may consume significant amount of RAM over time.
Another possibility with streaming services enabled is that many screens in Roon show content from external sources. In this case, slow response times can be the result of bad (slow) network connections to the servers of the content provider or possibly a saturated local network (running downloads on other machines for example).
Also other processes (backup, RAID check, indexing) running on the NAS might be the source for a temporary slowdown.

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I use a QNAP TS 251+ with core on a USB attached solid state drive, 8GB RAM, and 4TB Ironwolf drives for my music library of 3000 albums. I use streaming services and all music is sampled to 24/192. I have never had any performance issues, response is instant and I could not be happier.

It’s below recommended spec of an i3 server.

Hi BlackJack, thanks for the reply

I have 4GB DDR4 (2x2GB) and I use Tidal and Dropbox, but Dropbox I only activated it for backup initially when my library was small, now I’m almost 4TB, now I deactivate it to see if anything improves. I backup to another NAS (Synology) and also to QNAP’s 4 bay. I might try to increase the RAM.

I also use Dropbox for backups. I recommend you upgrade to 8GB.

If your library is still processing this will slow it all down as the NAS really doesn’t have the grunt. If you have a large library it can take days to sort itself out on lower end CPUs.

Thanks everyone, I will increase the RAM to the maximum, 8GB. As for the CPU the TS-473 is managed by an AMD R-Series. However after disabling Dropbox it is already more responsive.