Roon voice search via Alexa, Siri, etc

Under the topic of things you never knew you wanted, what about eventual voice search on Roon? It’s being considered for Bluesound, so you could eventually have an application within the Roon ecosystem but it would be nice to have a hierarchical capability for the full Roon suite. Read the excerpt below from Andrew, a Bluesound product manager:
"I’m the product manager who builds the road map. First a few governing thoughts; we don’t corporately discuss timelines for items that are in production; our development road map is based on adding some level of features, music, interface, etc. and not just one thing at a time; many features are based on dependencies that need to be in place first; maintenance is a big deal and in the 2.16 release we have five music services that are completely rebuilt however transparent to users.

"Having said that voice control is something we are working on. What I will say is that we are building the back end, or plumbing to be agnostic to front end service, so it won’t matter to us what “flavor” of device you want to have, so long as we can get access to a control interface and can ensure the security of the connection we will want this to work. At this time most of thinking in only a couple dimensions, Amazon and Google. When in fact there are literally a dozen or so services around the world, perhaps the largest is Tencent who operates the largest music service in the world (900 million users) where you’d get to say Ding Dang Ding Dang instead of OK Google.

"Right now the generally accepted front runner is Amazon, however ask a typical user how effective it is at playing music and you’ll find the majority of folks have given up after a couple weeks of frustration. Our planning goal is to avoid that and deliver a voice interface that you’ll use and will be broad enough to useful. On the other platforms front Apple just announced that they would prefer you to integrate with Watson, and not Siri, which has no public interface yet that we can see (obviously will come at some point), Bixby (Samsung and the original team that developed Siri) is by far the most context driven AI engine available, with likely the ability to offer a public facing API at some point.

“All to say that we are working on it, and will bring it out when we feel that you will benefit from the experience as our premium customers and not be trying to learn a new syntax-based language.”


Until Roon supports alexa and until roon sounds as good as HQPLAYER, i will never buy in.

Thanks for letting us know.

i am not sure what you mean about alexa doesn’t work well with playing music… …marantz/heos works no issues with alexa.