Roon Volume control using scroll wheel or buttons on a Logitech mouse (Windows / Mac)

I thought I should share a useful trick I discovered whilst using a Windows PC as a Roon control (and core). I think it would probably work on a Mac also.
I have a Logitech MX Master 3 Wireless Mouse, which has 2 scroll wheels.
I programmed the thumb scroll wheel (for the Roon app only) as 2 keystroke assignments: Ctrl+up arrow and Ctrl+down arrow.
I also programmed one of the mouse buttons to skip to the next track (Ctrl+K).

I tried to program the forward and back buttons on a Logitech MX Anywhere 2s Mouse but as there is no repeater function with these buttons I’ve found the single presses a rather cumbersome way to control volume.

Steps are as below:

  1. Open the “Logitech Options” app
  2. Select the mouse you want to customise
  3. Select the scroll wheel or button you want to customise
  4. Select the Roon app so you are only customising the wheel or button for that app only [have the Roon app open when you do this so you see it in the list of apps Logitech allows you to choose from]
  5. Select “Keystroke assignment” and after clicking in the “Turn Up” field, press the Ctrl+up arrow keys together; after clicking in the “Turn Down” field, press the Ctrl+down arrow keys together.

I got one of these today. Tonight’s homework :slight_smile: thanks.

Thank you so much!

I have a Logitech Craft keyboard with a multifunction scroll wheel on the top left. I was able to use the same trick to map that to the keystrokes. Now I’m able to have convenient volume control on my Mac without using keyboard shortcuts - because for some reason Roon doesn’t enable volume control using Mac’s normal keyboard volume shortcut.

Thank you very much.