Roon vs. MConnect

Must I use a laptop for a Core?

If I want to use a Small Green Computer Headless Logitech and others 4tb hard drive system Ethenet only. To connect to my Krell Vanguard DAC instead?

If I do than There is a no point in Roon for me. The MConnect app on my case with Krell might be a better solution. Always having a laptop or phone as your Core isn’t convenient for me.

How does one get around the Roon app issue?


The following might help explain what is required?

What Small Green Computer device do you want to use? It may be capable of running Roon core meaning all you need is a control device. What I found best for getting good results from Roon was to embrace Roons requirents and best practice.

It’s a NAS Vortexbox

Roon has to have a multi core Intel processor and 4gb of RAM. Another desirable is installation on an SSD for performance purposes but obviously not essential. Is this of any help?

Hi @David_Engelhard,

You can run RoonServer from a headless Core machine as long as the device meets our requirements.

I have tried what I think is the way to use just the roon server on the vortexbox but it doesn’t see it. When I use my Mac as soon as the lid closes the roon app and server disconnect. Same on my Microsoft edge. This is a serious problem. I dont want to keep the screen open. If I get skip all that stuff and just run roon server headless I’d buy it. But 14 days isn’t going to be enough. In need roon engineering to send me specific instructions on how to accomplish this with a small green computer vortebox box HD into a krell vanguard dac. Otherwise Mconnect is my only option. I dont want 2 servers just the vortexbox. It has Enough power for this application. Thank you.
You guys really need a CS number to help us. Consumer Reports the same

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If you follow the instructions that where posted above then it should work fine. I used to use Vortexbox and it was very simple to setup.

Setup the core on the Vortexbox this is the server application only and will have no front end. You need to install Roon on a laptop or tablet to configure it. On pc or Mac when installing you will be asked if you want to install it as a server or remote. Choose remote.

Ensure the laptops firewall allows all of Roons communication through.

Start Roon on laptop and if the core is running on the same network as the laptop then it should discover it and you connect. If not try inputting the ipaddress of the VortexBox.

If you still have connection issues or it can’t find your core then ensure your router and any switches allow multicast broadcasts as Roon relies on this for device discovery.

I suggest you read the full kB posted above and all relevant docs for setup.

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I use a vortexbox as a roon core very successfully (more than one in fact). If you already have the vortexbox then I would certainly recommend trying this yourself, I find it to be a very useable setup. Your vortexbox hardware may determine what level of DSP that roon can handle but any vortexbox should be able to do the basics. At one point I posted some instructions on installing roon core on the vortexbox forums but they may not still be available (others have posted similar instructions also). If you don’t find the necessary instructions to install roon core then message me and I’ll put something together again.

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