Roon vs Roon Server and power consumption

I’m current in the evaluation stage and I had a newb question. While I rationalize spending the money on Roon, I’ve got the server end on a MacBookPro. It’s running with NoSleep with the lid closed with Roon.

My question is, does the stand alone server run more efficiently and use less resources?

Eventually I want to have a regular PC, Mac or Linux server, so any low budget recs are welcome (even though I know this isn’t the forum to do it).

Go with an Intel NUC and ROCK


I also recommend going for a NUC if you’re DIY inclined, or a Nucleus if less so. They’ll consume less power than a MacBook Pro, a NUC is considerably less expensive, and if you’re serious about Roon, the experience with having a dedicated server can’t be beat.

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Roon Server, run headless with no peripherals active is always going to be more efficient. Dependent on amounts of storage required a ROCK installation is the leanest but you do have limitations with regards to internal HDD/SSD’s fitted. You can have one for the OS and one for your music. The NUC offers a small neat compact and efficient solution and an i3 model (minimum supported spec) won’t cost too much.

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Couldn’t be happier with my intel nuc8i3beh. Does convolution DSP and upsampling to DSD512 without skipping a beat.

Thanks for all the replies! Has anyone used the Asus PN-60? It seems like a Nuc clone