Roon + VST plugins + HiFiBerry Digi+ Pro possible?

My current setup is this:
Roon -> VB-Audio Virtual Cable -> VST host (I currently use Reaper) -> toslink to DAC

However, I would like to use a toslink endpoint like HiFiBerry Digi+ Pro, and it suddenly becomes very complicated due to the VST plugins I use. Reaper has a Linux ARM7 build, so its possible to run it on RPi, but not sure that helps because how do you get Reaper to read what Roon sends over ethernet? Can you somehow pipe the output from Roon bridge into a local VST host?

Does anyone have a possible solution to this?

I’m confused as to why it is complicated to change the device at the end of a Toslink connection.

Unless Roon is doing something extraordinary, Toslink is only able to transfer audio data in one direction, i.e. there is no two way communication. The HiFiBerry should simply replace your current DAC enabling you to retain your current setup.

Using RPi as an Roon endpoint is no problems, but try to add VST plugins in the chain and it gets much harder.

Basically what I want is to take the audio output from Roon, let it run through a couple of VST plugins (hosted by Reaper) and then sent to a RPi

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Ah, so you want to connect to the RPi via usb instead of Toslink?
And Reaper cannot connect to the RPi?

Perhaps the following software can help.
DS WASAPI ASIO router mixer can invoke plugins whilst routing DS, WASAPI and ASIO devices to a single output.
In your setup, that should be the VB audio virtual input to the usb/ASIO RPi output with VST plugins enabled.

I currently use it to connect an usb/ASIO MiniDSP udio8 input to an usb/ASIO Digiface output.

No, you are a bit off. You might want to read up on Roon endpoints and VST hosts/plugins to know what I am talking about. But to clarify, I want this chain:
Roon -> VST host -> ethernet -> RPi HiFiBerry Digi+ Pro -> toslink -> DAC

The problem is the step “VST host -> ethernet -> RPi HiFiBerry Digi+ Pro” which I don’t know how to accomplish.

Ah, well now! :+1: everything becomes clear, and I see the complications.

I would have suggested Dante Via software but that is only for Windows, macOS and OS X.

What about the RPi as a NAA to the HQPlayer software. It will run on a RPi and HQPlayer can be integrated into Roon, although I don’t know the details.

I presume you’re trying to improve the quality of the Toslink output to your DAC? Are there no other alternatives?

Yes, I want to improve toslink by moving it outside my desktop computer, but I want to keep using my VST plugins which handles room correction (one of them can’t be run as a convolution so Roon can’t run it).

Surely it is possible somehow? Maybe by running VST host on RPi and somehow make Roon-bridge play to VST host instead of ALSA output? Or somehow play to a “RAAT audio endpoint” on Windows?

Any ideas @RBM or @brian ?

It’s me again. Apologies.

What about VB-Audios VBAN audio streaming software?

I have used this between Windows pcs successfully and I have just discovered that there is a GitHub Linux project.

You may have to use Voicemeeter on the Windows pc as the transmitter but it now includes the ability to invoke an external VST host such as Reaper. Voicemeeter would also replace your virtual audio cable.

Cheers, that might work, although a solution using Roon endpoint would obviously be more “Roonish”. Providing the GitHub project works, the chain would then be
Roon -> Reaper (as VST Host) -> VoiceMeter -> VBAN over ethernet -> RPi

Splitting hairs perhaps but I imagined

Roon —> Voicemeeter virtual input —> Voicemeeter Banana (Reaper via Patch insert) —> VBAN over Ethernet —> RPi

Yeah, everything Roonified would be just wonderful.

Tried it on my Allo USBridge but could not get VBAN to work, either I got white noise or I got some error about ALSA not being able to set sample rate. But also to much programs and virtual cables to feel convenient, think I will wait for Roon to fix something…hopefully some day…

Shame that’s not the answer.

I feel your frustration as I too attempted many variations to integrate a VST host with a multi channel setup of Devialet Phantoms. Eventually found the right combination that did not involve too many software/hardware units.

Good luck.