Roon watch and resort

I inadvertently setup the resort option and Im now having a bit of a problem understanding the structure of the resorted files. Can anyone enlighten me please?


Hi Rob,

Do you mean that you setup Roon to used an Organised folder rather than a Watched folder?

If so Roon attempts to re-organise the files based on this structure template:

Root Music Folder / Artist / Album

Then within each album folder, the tracks are named like this:
1-01 Track Name
1-02 Track Name
1-nn Track Name

2-01 Track Name
2-02 Track Name
2-nn Track Name

n-01 Track Name
n-02 Track Name
n-nn Track Name

Note: Roon only moves the audio files, so if you have any additional files are left in there original folder, which unfortunately means they need to be manually addressed.