Roon-web-stack, a stack to drive roon from a web browser (current version: 0.0.7)

Hi everyone,
I’ve just released a new project, both on GitHub and docker hub.

As the name states it, this project provides a new web remote for roon.

As it’s a one person project, I’d like to centralize feedbacks (feature request and bug report) on GitHub issues.

This thread would ideally be dedicated to community support and expression.

You’ll find all the info on how to run it in the README.

There’s also a User Guide and a FAQ available.

A very basic roadmap is also available, the project management part is setting up.

Thanks to @Jan_Koudijs, both for the tool and the integration, this is already available in Roon-extension-manager!

As it’s an open-source project, contributions are welcome.

Any feedback is also warmly welcomed!

I hope you’ll enjoy using this tool,

Wish you all the very best and happy listening (through web control or not)!

This project uses code developed by @Steven_Ickman: New Roon Kit API for Node.JS.

Versions history:

  • v0.0.5 Use web-worker for communication between client and server, and a reload app button in settings, fix control misalignment in compact mode on medium screens
  • v0.0.4 Add zone-transfer, Add zone-grouping, Enhance mobile and small screen experience, enhance keyboard or remote navigation
  • v0.0.3 Add app auto-reload on new version (will only work for future versions), fix Live Radio display and disconnected state on iOS and iPadOS after device went to sleep
  • v0.0.2: Add responsive support and compact mode
  • v0.0.1: First release

Well I was planning on going to bed, but now there’s something interesting to have a look at.

Good luck with this project, I think it will make a lot of people happy.

Installing it now :+1:

Edit : we have success


Happy to have an happy user!
Your screenshot’s been taken form a phone.
Responsive support (especially for small screen) is just baked and not really tested.
Please feel free to report any inconvenience or enhancement ideas!
Have sweet musical dreams!

Well I was happy to see it worked on the device I happened to have in my hand while installing it on a Raspberry Pi and not concerned about how pretty it is.

I will try it out on and iPad and Android tablet tomorrow as well.

More options for control is always good so I appreciate your efforts to get this out in the world


Would be great to see this in the Extension Manager so the rooExtend users will also be able to use it with ease instead of using SSH :+1:

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Hi Doctor it is already in Extension manager.
I installed it through RooExtend last night

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Installed via extension manager here.

Working nicely:


Not in my extension manager. I run extension manager from diet-pi. Is there something I need to update?

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I was about to say the same thing. The “Web/Connectivity” category doesn’t show for me. This is DietPi on a Pi 4. I’m on the version of the Extension Repo displayed in the initial post (1.0.16) and have tried both updating and restarting Extension Manager.

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That is identical to my screen. Tried by updating diet-pi but same issue.

Fantastic extension, easy to set up with extension manager.

@Progisus a d @gTunes:
It appeared directly on my side.
Can’t really help as it seems related to the extension manager itself.
My two cents: there are options in the extension manager => System to update/reload the manager itself. Could help?

@gTunes, @Progisus,

@nihil hasn’t been able to generate the extension for armv7 yet, he describes this in the readme file of the project. You both seem to be running the 32-bit (armv7) version of DietPi and therefor the extension doesn’t show up for you. You could make the switch to arm64 by reinstalling DietPi, but you might have picked armv7 for some other extension.

Unfortunately not all extensions are available for all platforms, this can be due to changing technology (armv7 support is dropping) or due to an extension being no longer maintained.


Is this why I got this message when updating dietpi?

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Well spotted!
I really hope the bug with node images and armv7 will be fixed soon.
If not, I’ll have a look for a solution to support armv7 in the meantime to avoid this kind of frustration for users still running raspberry 2 and older or 32bits Oses version on supported hardware.

It is about to version you downloaded:


Hi, @Jan_Koudijs.

Thanks for catching this. I didn’t intentionally install the 32-bit version of DietPi. I’ll re-do the installation.

Since you’re here, @Jan_Koudijs … can you confirm that there’s no way to configure Extension Manager on Docker to run extensions using a network configuraiton of something other than host?

I’d typically run a Roon-related Docker container on a macvlan dedicated to Roon so you’d see something like the following in a compose:

[within a service]

name: macvlan_roon

The issue for me is that since Extension Manager creates its own sub-containers, there’s no way for me to get them onto the correct macvlan. There aren’t many of us that do things like this with Docker so it’s probably not worth your time to try to implement it but I thought I’d at least ask you to confirm that it’s not currently possible.

Confirmed, Extension Manager only supports host mode. If this is too limited for your use-case my suggestion is that you create a docker-compose file for each extension that you use and then manage them with e.g. Portainer, making the Extension Manager redundant.

Now back to the topic: Roon Web Stack :slight_smile:


Thanks… updated and all running

Doesn’t seem to run well I Safari on iOS, looses connection to core when screen goes to sleep and won’t reconnect. Likel iOS power management kicking in, shame as hoped to use it due to constant Roon remote lockups. Works great on Mac though.