Roon web ui on QNAP is not showing up

Hello. I have a slightly different but similar issue with Roon and QNAP. I have downloaded the RoonServer app multiple times to my QNAP NAS and each time I do get the following error when I launch it:

“Not Found. The requested URL was not found on this server”

I’m stuck …

Hi @Bill_J,
sorry for the trouble.
Could you give some more info. Especially

  • which version of Roon Server did you download (the current one is 21-10-03)
  • which QTS version is used
  • how do you access the qnap web administration? (for example: by IP address in your local network or by using the local hostname of your qnap (e.g. http://qnap.local) )

Thanks for your reply.

I’m using the 21-10-03 version of Roon Server.

I’m using Firmware 4.5.4 1800

I access it using Qfinder Pro on my MacBook Pro

I hope this helps. I’ve reinstalled Roon Server multiple times and it still gives me:

“Not Found” The requested URL was not found on this server"

Thanks, Bill

Thanks for the additional info.

Could you let me know, what url in written in your browser’s adressbar when you access QTS by Qfinder?
This is as an example how it looks on my QNAP:

Here’s what’s in my address bar:

Is the difference between your URL and mine the reason why Roon is giving me this message:

“Not Found” The requested URL was not found on this server"

OK, I managed to get Roon Server past the above obstacle by restarting the QNAP NAS. And have successfully established the database location.

However, the issues now is getting Roon on my MacBook Pro to login to Roon Server on the QNAP NAS. Roon is searching forever to establish a connection!

Any ideas?

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Great, you could make the ui work!

In regards to the connection issue:

  • Does the Roon webpanel indicate Roon is running in the status (as it can be seen in my screenshot above)?
  • Do you have any firewalls set up (on your QNAP or Mac)?
  • Do both of the devices (QNAP and Mac) have an IP address in the same network range?

If you think everything is correct and it should work, could you check, if the folder RoonOnNAS exist on your selected shared folder for QNAP? Inside this folder should be a RoonOnNAS.log.txt textfile. Could you send the content of that file to me? (You can also send it by private message if you prefer).

I have the T-251+
I found putting the core on it drives the CPU nuts, making it do some very strange things. I changed core, all is well