ROON with 3 year old Wyred4sound music server

Does anyone have any experience setting up ROON with a 3 year old MS-2 music server from Wyred4Sound to make the music server the play back engine (through a DAC), and not read the files off the server and then have to stream them from my MacBook?

Thanks in advance,


From what I understand, and I also have a W4S MS-2, it can not be integrated with Roon. I asked the question of W4S and was told that it was not possible - something to do with fact that the MS-2 is 32 bit architecture, whilst Roon required 64 bit (I am not “techy” enough to know the ins and outs of that one!) so it could not be used as a Roon end point! The new W4S MS1 is however Roon compatible.

hanks David, I’m not surprised, I have not been real happy with Soundirok, too bad MPad isn’t around anymore. Not really wanting to drop more money on a music server just so it will work with 3rd party software. Thanks again. Mark

I have the older MS-1 it works with Roon. I added a network share in storage using the path \192.168.XX.XXX\music. It listed the flac folder, i clicked on it and the files were added to roon. I have roon core on an Antipodes Core and use an Innuos as the endpoint. The Innuos is to my DAC.