Roon with blue node 2 and Dac magic 200

My current system is a blue node 2 connected to Ca Dac magic 200m , rogue audio Cronus magnum 3 and warfdale lintons … wanted to know if I could use roon with this … used to use roon earlier with a simpler set up and I loved the dsp capabilities … I miss that

I do not have the same setup, just the CA200m usb connected to core (Mac mini). Roon works fine, have not tried dsp so much, just to play around, it works.
As for the node2 surely works: Bluesound - Roon Labs
hope I am right


looks gorgeous, saved as a bookmark :slight_smile:

Do you have the Bluesound Node 2i? If so, this is a Roon Ready network player, and you can use this as a Roon endpoint. You’ll need to run your core on a PC / laptop or dedicated device.

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