Roon with Cambridge CXN Streamer

Ive read several reports on here saying members are struggling running FLACS from roon with a CA CXN.
Ive just ordered a i5 NUC to run ROON with ROCK purely for my FLACS only.
Ive had Roon installed on a NAS and had no problem playing FLACS to my Cambridge 851N (which is just an upgraded CXN) over the network
Surely if i can play files from ROON/NAS i will be able to play them from NUC/ROCK/ROON.I don’t want to use airplay.

Cambridge Audio and Roon speak different languages. The only way to make this work via network connection is Airplay.

But im running Roon on a NAS now .Playing through the 851 as endpoint

Then it is using Airplay. The Cambridge Audio streamers are UPnP/DNLA. Roon uses a proprietary protocol called RAAT. If most of your library is CD rips then you may not notice the difference but if you play something and click on the light near the track title at the bottom of your screen you should see your signal path.

Your dead right, haven’t touched that light in 3 weeks of having Roon.It says
Source…FLAC 44.1khz
Bit Depth…16 bit-64 bit
Volume Leveling
Bit Depth…64 bit-16 bit
851N airplay.
So is airplay not that good ?

It is absolutely fine if you are playing CD’s but it’ll cripple MQA and decimate any HD files back to 16/44.

Ive just played some my 24bit files
The bit depth finally takes them from 24 bit to 16 bit

Ive just gone and ordered a NUC to put ROCK on, purely for my FLACS some of which are 24 bit.
Is there any way round this to play my files at the best quality possible without breaking the bank

What about connecting the NUC to the 851N directly,USB or other ?
So Roon/Nuc is controlled from MacBook over the network, but connected by USB to streamer

Over the network fixes are not cheap and haven’t been proven with CA kit. The UPnP bridge on a Sonic Orbiter cube springs to mind. Cheap as chips is a Raspberry Pi into the streamers USB port. If you do that I think you lose your display. Also CA don’t see Linux as a thing, so it may not work via USB.

I think i will have too go back to jriver

That is sad. As stated there are ways around it that might work. But to be honest if you have hardware you like then you have to make listening to music the priority. Cambridge Audio could do more and I speak as a fan, I had the 840 amplifier. But that will take a bit of time.

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Ive been in touch with Cambridge today.They have no intension of updating firmware to make CXN or 851N Roon compatable any time soon.

If there was something that would definitely give me the option to play hi res through my 851 ,reasonably priced i may buy.

Depending on your definition of the word “cheap”, look into the Allo DigiOne / DigiOne Signature + Ropiee. Since it uses SPIDF it’ll get around Cambridge’s idiocy issues with Linux.

Hi all,
just to be clear, the CA 851N runs normally from Roon by usb audio input, right? the limitation will be only by network connection (ethernet or wifi), where should be by airplay.

Ive never tried direct to USB,will try at weekend.
Are you saying i can hear Hi res through the USB.

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I recommend the Allo Digi One Player Signature too. Great Streamer for fair money.

O think so. The 851N plays DSD by USB input.

Some caution is required if your source is Linux as Cambridge have not made their drivers automatically compliant. They only guarantee Windows and OSX.

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:astonished: :astonished:
Thank you for warning @Henry_McLeod !!