Roon with Control 4 matrix amp

Hi Folk,
I see that roon set up easily for airplay. But is there any way to use direct connection through a C4 Matrix amp? I have my roon core directly connected to the input of a C4 8 zone materix amp, But i don’t see anyway to map the drivers from the input to the room? Or is Roon Airplay only?

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Not related and definitely not helpful.

My apologies then.

Did you figure this out, I am interested too.

Yes, Roon will use Airplay to send it to C4 rooms. You actually set up the sharebridge for the rooms in C4 and when you configure Roon it finds all the airplay connections to send it to. Seem the roon driver selects the music in roon/core.

I expected Roon Core’s driver to allow a connection be built in C4, but this is not the case.

In the end I decided to stay with Plex DLNA server since its already integrated, costs are paid, and i can use it from CarPlay. I also thought the sound quality in the room i tested was better with plex than roon