Roon Home Automation Modules - Control4 and Crestron Support Updates

Hello All,

We are thrilled to announce some very exciting updates regarding our Home Automation Modules!

  1. Roon’s Crestron module is now compatible with Crestron’s 4-Series processors. The module is being managed directly by Crestron’s in-house developers on Crestron’s Application Market, which brings the added benefit of keeping our module compatible with the latest Crestron databases.

  2. We are open-sourcing our Control4 module and now any Control4 programmer will be able to add additional features and enhancements to the module. Control4 programmers will also be able to submit pull requests to the public GitHub, bringing the Roon experience and audiophile sound quality to even more of your smart home installations.

  3. Finally, you will now be able to use our home automation modules with any type of Roon Core (Nucleus-only restriction has been removed) - ROCK, Mac, Windows, Linux, NAS and Nucleus are all compatible, giving you even more flexibility.

You can find updated links to our modules below:

For more information about our home automation modules and to download the Control4 and Crestron drivers, please visit our Help Center.

The Roon Team

Please note that a valid Roon subscription is still required to use the home automation modules.


Let the Games begin!


Hi Noris,

I am a Control4 Dealer from Austria. I have the same problem as discussed here before. As soon as the ROON icon is a “favourite” on the home screen on T3, it doesn’t work any more. It doesn’t start to play. If I go to “Listen” first and then to ROON it works without any problems. I talked to the Control4 team yesterday for two hours, and they also believe that the ROON driver is the problem. I hope to have a solution for this problem soon.



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This isn’t great news for anyone who bought a Nucleus to get Control 4 integration (eg Me)

Why have Roon Labs abandoned the driver to the internet? Why haven’t they paid one of the reputable Contol 4 driver developers to take it on and improve it? They could then sell it to all Roon customers and Nucleus owners could be given a voucher for a free copy.

Do i understand that Roon is not contributing to this open source project?

That’s how I read it as well.

Now we need HomeKit options :slight_smile:

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