Roon with dirac or not?

Goodafternoon to all.
I just want to find the best way to listen music.

I have the dirac new version which you must load as vst or au plug in.The company told me that if i want to use it all the time i can buy the hijack for macos.

so i did it. I make the dirac measurements and run the hijack. So i compared the sound listening from tidal. The sound was different so i thought that is working. When i make the same with rew…nothing was the same as the old one. One guy told me to change in prefences the output to dirac…but that was in older dirac version that works as virtual card.

So i think that dirac doesn’t work properly with this way!!! Making the same using roon the sound changed but i don’t if it is ok.

Roon as i know doesn’t support vst or au. But i like so much end points!! Audirvana and jriver have the vst and au and also tidal…BUT no end point.

Rood dsp as i see is a manual thing right?! If i use it i will have the same results as dirac?! Can i take infos from rew ?!

Any help?!

I’ve moved your post into the Roon software category - it seemed to me to be a better place than in the Ropieee category…

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Has anybody tried this?

HQPlayer Convolution Questions - Page 2 - Software - Audiophile Style

Play sine wave, capture Dirac Live output (impulse response) as .wav, use as convolution filter, import into Roon ?

Seems easy ! :grinning: