Roon with MC200


I want to join Roon and do away with Sooloos. Will Roon work with my Media Core 200 and how do I get Roon on to the MC200.



You will need a PC or reasonably powerful NAS to run Roon Core. Roon Core won’t work on the MC200 but you can use the MC200 as an endpoint and also as a music store.

I’d actually recommend that you store the music elsewhere though, as Roon will identify your music better if you do a native export of the files from the MC200 to a hard drive.

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I am thinking of signing up for Roon as well. All of my music for my system is stored in a Meridian Media Core 200 as well. If I sign up for Roon how will it all work with my system.
Sorry as I am all new to this.

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As above. Roon Core will need to be running on a different machine (either PC or reasonably powerful NAS) elsewhere on your network.

You can use the MC200 as your music store but I don’t think many people do this. To try it just point Roon towards your MC200 music folder. Your MC200 will show up as an SMB drive on your network. Problem with using the MC200 is the music is stored in a proprietary folder system that makes it harder for Roon to recognise the albums. Any metadata changes you have made are held in a sidecar file that Roon does not read.

Roon will see your MC200 as an endpoint, so you can play music without needing to retire your current Sooloos set up.

You will need to use Roon software to control the music, so you can’t use ControlPC etc.

Hi and thanks for the reply.

I will explain a few more things. I am obv new to alot of this but I do have moderate knowledge in HIFI equipment.

I haven’t even subscribed to Roon yet so I am not even sure what you are refering to when you say point the Roon Core at the MC 200.

I obviously need alot of help with knowing how to get set up with Roon but before I pay for a subscription I at least want to know how to use it. I am a person that would love to discuss this over the phone and troubleshoot things. I am old school in this regard but this is how we communicate nowadays.

If you have any advice please let me know.


Is Roon just an interface similar to Sooloos App. Because I already have the Sooloos Control App and user interface so what advatages does Roon even have. To me it seems like it syncs all devices together.


Also before I sign up I want to have an idea if this will even work with the equipment I have.

For a core I guess the only thing I have for a so called ROON CORE that may or may not meet the requirments, would be my hp laptop. I do not own a desktop or an NAS drive.

I own to high quality hifi stereo systems with my music library runing off a Meridian media core 200. That is where my music is all stored. I also have an Ipad which I use as my controller my control for the Sooloos/Meridian.

I hope this helps explain. I just want to know if I am wasting my time signing up and then having to cancel because I am missing something. If it was a free trial for 2 weeks without having to leave a credit card then it would be different. I just don’t want to go through cancelling.

Maybe this helps you answer some of my questions.


I also see that Roon supports Meridian Audio’s networked endpoints.

Also I see on the Roon site under the how roon works, Roon doesn’t support Meridian as a core under thr network players catagory but Meridian Dacs are Roon tested.


If it was not many people would have moved from Sooloos. Roon is simply a much better interface (easily the best I’ve seen) with much better functionality and metadata.

What spec is your laptop? You’re library size shouldn’t be an issue if I fits on your MC200. Only way to find out is start the the trial. Plenty of people here will get you up and running inside a weekend.