Roon with my stereo paired 5's

I have the new Fives in a stereo pair. They sound great using the S2 app I think a little better than through Airplay. But they sound even better through the Roon app. More full and vibrant somehow. Anyone else ever notice this or am I imagining things?
In any event I’m having a blast with these speakers either from Roon on my Mac laptop or my 12.9 inch iPad. That’s really the way to go with that big screen.
I think the 5’s also have more detail and are not as warm as the old Play 5. I’m preferring the new Fives and am going to buy two more.
I’ve had the Kef LS50Ws and would take the Sonos 5 any day.

Replying to my own post…:slight_smile: You want to hear something great try Tidal Diana Krall Master Playlist through stereo paired 5’s.

Really glad to hear this! I’m actually considering going this way myself!

Quick question though… what do the 5’s do when presented with a 24/88 or 24/192 file?

Converts to 44 -16. 24 is only through the Sonos app.

Hi DarwinOs,

So does that mean for e.g. using a USB DAC from MacBook connected to Line-in of paired SONOS 5s won’t play 24-bit?.

I would agree on your sound comments via the Roon app.