Roon with Ubiquiti UDM-Pro

I guess this fits in tinkering best!

I already have some unifi kit and a controller running and have no issues.

I will likely add a UDM-Pro and wondered if anyone else is running one and whether there are any potential issues that have manifested esp. in relation to the inbuilt switch.

Thanks for any input

I have that setup and the UDM-Pro works fine. Just be aware that the built in 8-port switch shares a 1GB backplane. As a result I use only one of the built in ports and a 16 port Unifi switch connected to the UDM-Pro 10GB LAN port, so all ports operates at 1GB.

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I am interested in your reply. So, using the internal UDM-Pro switch can impede performance? Can you explain a bit more?

Despite there being 8 ports, if they are all in use, the actual speed pr. port will only be 125 MBit, because of the 1GB backplane. If all your connected divices operates at 100 MBit, there will be no issue.

Wow, I had no idea. Thank you!

Thanks for the reply, don’t think I’ll be testing capacity but certainly good to know when planning. Glad to hear there are no other concerns wrt Roon.

You can see more here:

I am using the UDM-Pro, US-8-150w and a UAP-AC-HD. Works flawlessly.