Roon without any internet

I no longer use any streaming services or equivalent on line services (radio etc). I have CD rips and digital music files I’ve purchased stored on a Roon Nucleus. I am hoping that I can use Roon in a minimal form. Simply as an interface to select and play files on the Nucleus. Without anything being connect to the internet.

I have no interest or desire to use the growing plethora of features Roon seem to add to the tool. I appreciate that many do, but I don’t. All I want to do is select music from my library and play it.
I really want to wholly disconnect my music library from any form of internet connection.

Is there anyway to simply use Roon as a device to select and play (send data from Nucleus to DAC) or do I have to start looking for a different solution?

I’m really not liking that this forum is the only way I can ask this. Again many love these things (and social media and such). I’m just asking in hope this might be noticed by Roon or that others on the forum might feel as I do. Should any comments or otherwise be made I’ll not be replying, not because I’m not interested, but simply because I detest any and all internet forums.

No, look somewhere else.

There is a long thread here for this. It doesn’t make particularly good reading and a lot of people are not happy, but that’s how it goes sometimes.

Jeez, how many threads do we need about this, the search function exists.

The most long running one that should be the only for where discussion takes place:

An additional one that was recently opened for no good reason at all:

The open feature suggestion thread where you can vote if you want and explain your specific use case maybe:

Topic closed …