Roon won’t output DSD512 to MA12000 with DA2 module

It only goes up to 256DSD. I’ve tried changing the selection to the C53 and C2700 preamps which also have the DA2 module and still no. Rebooted NUC (with Roon Rock) and still no. Has anyone been able to get it to go to 512DSD? The DA2 specs say it can handle it. Thx.

Are you using DoP?

Yes. I’m using DoP.

I thought using DoP you were then limited to dsd 256?

Found this snippet on another forum but without any useful explanation.

DSD over PCM “halves the DAC’s maximum usable sampling frequency.”

Which might explain the why but not the wherefore of it.

DoP requires twice the bandwidth of the transmitted data so, if your DA2 says it can handle DSD512, the DoP transmission will limit it to DSD256. I suspect that the rated DSD512 is for an input other than DoP.

You cannot use DoP for DSD512 output to DA2.

You will have to use native DSD.

I don’t know whether ROCK supports native DSD of DA2, but Lumin specifically does.

If you find that native DSD is not working for you in ROCK, then you’ll need to change the Roon Core to Windows.

Get a Roon Ready player like an ultraRendu that supports Native DSD. Much better then having to use a local Windows computer.


Update… I changed my NUC from running Roon Rock to running Roon core on windows and used the usb software McIntosh provides to give me an ALSA software connection to my USB plugged straight into the DAC and I am able to output native DSD512 to my McIntosh.

Then I bought the ultraRendu, put it in the chain and I still have native dsd capability. Now I bought Andrew’s sonicTransporter and am running Roon on it using the ultraRendu as the endpoint and it still gives me native DSD up to 512, so all is good.