Roon won’t play to my Desktop Computer

I am on the third day of my Roon trial and aside from the metadata issues I have requested help with, I am having other problems.

  1. I cannot get Roon to play music at my Windows Desktop computer, though it does play music in my living room audio system (Roon endpoint is an Audio Alchemy DMP-1) and in my TV system (Roon endpoint is an OPPO UDO-205).

The Roon Core is not on my desktop computer but instead is installed in a Sonic Transporter connected to my router via Ethernet but remote from my desktop. Does my Desktop need a Roon endpoint?? (Which it doesn’t have) Or what??

  1. Also, the Roon stream stops after a few minutes in both the living room and the TV room and I have to keep restarting it every few minutes!

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