Roon won't recognize my bluesound node 2i [Resolved]

I just had an internet upgrade to faster internet this morning and now Roon won’t recognize my bluesound node 2i…I have it hard wired and have restarted it a few times.

What is even weirder is that the bluesound app on my desktop IMAC and my Iphone will recognize the node.

So…for some reason Roon won’t recognize the Node…I’ve tried to refresh in the Settings for Audio, but nothing.

any thoughts???

Did they give you a new router?

Yes they gave me a new router

Are you using fixed Ip addresses or DHCP on your core and devices?

Check in the routers config for anything related to igmp snooping or proxy. If they are active then disable them and see if it helps. If inactive activate them.

Also double check the IP addresses for both have the same first 3 set of numbers.

Ha, I’m def not sure if it’s fixed or not…how would I be able to tell?

Check your cores network settings on the Mac it will say

it’s DHCP on the IMAC network…Proxies are no enables.

FTP passive mode: YES

I’m semi computer illiterate

I have chromcast and audiocast on the network and those were recognized right off the bat with the new router.

Have you restarted your Roon Server? As @CrystalGipsy suggests, it’s probably network related. With such a network change restarting everything isn’t such a bad idea.

Other than restarting the desktop app ( I assumed that was restarting the server?)

I would restart all devices.

how do you resart roon other than exiting the app on the desktop?

Can you go into Network Settings on the iMac and click on Advanced and then TCP/IP.

Then press Renew DHCP Lease. Did it change?

I have bluesound hard wired

There’s your problem, no address is assigned to the iMac. Shutdown and restart and then post the same screenshot.

I already did, but will do again and report back…thank you for helping

ok, so my IMAC is not hard wired- using wifi, but i have bluesound node hard wired…that is what i meant

Can you confirm the IP address of the Bluesound node and/ or your new router?

192.168.71 is the router

external ip is