Roon won't start up on Windows PC (a remote) as of 11/30/22

Tried to use Roon on my Windows PC today as a remote to my NUC ROCK core. It won’t start up. Uninstalled Roon and reinstalled via the Early Access links. Still will not run.

Similar. Roon won’t start on my Windows PC (core) since 2.0.5 upgrade. Have uninstalled and reinstalled and restarted my PC several times. No sign of Roon in Task Manager or System Tray after clicking Roon icon. Has never started since upgrade was selected from the normal upgrade dialog when Roon was last running.

We are aware of - working on a fix.

You can try this workaround, until we ship a proper fix - Upgrade to the latest Roon update - Roonserver is not starting [Investigating, Workaround available] - #16 by ivan

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