Roon won't tell me what the tech specs for the Nucleus boxes are

I chatted Roon to ask what the tech specs of the lower-end Nucleus is and they wouldn’t tell me. I got a line about how specs are misleading and overwhelming for people, blah blah blah, and in the end they wouldn’t tell me what the specs are.

That is very uncool.

Anyone know what the CPU, RAM, etc, stats of the lower-end Nucleus is?

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Search is available to all

Thank you!

I think that would be the specs for the Nucleus+. The OP mentions that he is looking for the specs of the ‘lower-end’ Nucleus. So this would be like follows (taken from a reseller’s web):

Read it again.


They are both mentioned in Geds post albeit in brackets.

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You are right, sorry. Anyway, no harm done.

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Thanks, guys! I just wanted to do some research about possibly doing my own NUC/ROCK thing. Even though it would be much cheaper, and I have the tech skills to pull it off, I think I’d rather just get the Nucleus, even if it’s way overpriced (maybe), cause I just want something that works and I think that if that’s my main priority, then a Nucleus is the way to go.
And, also, the Nucleus case looks really nice.

Not wishing to put anyone off a Nucleus but you could certainly build a similar spec machine and slap it in something like an Akasa fanless case to achieve a similar look.
And save quite a few dollars.
I had one that sat in my hifi rack and looked the part there.


+1 for a NUC in a fanless case as a reliable, cheaper alternative that looks nice as well. It depends on how much you value support, and how good Nucleus support is as that’s the main extra you get. Building your own is support “fishing lessons” :slight_smile:

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The Intel NUC compute is a far easier way to achieve a silent setup IMO.

The latest rock now supports EFI booting so no road blocks there.

Yes but there’s no NUC series shown.

IMO you would be better running with the latest gen 12 and rock.

I don’t think roon have announced support for the 12th generation yet.

11th is now good of course

The latest rock update provides support for EFI boot.
I can’t imagine any issue?

You might well be right, but it isn’t on Roon’s official supported list, so there would be a risk for someone buying.

At least at this point.

Yep agreed. I already run a Rock device not on Roon’s list. :grin:

Danny said he has a couple of new Nucs being delivered so they can be tested. So hopefully this list will be updated soon.

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That would be great.

The 12th generation look like they’d make very nice ROCK boxes.

Lots of cpu power when needed, but efficient cores to keep power consumption down in low CPU situations (which I think is most of the time!)

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Hopefully Yes, it will be interesting how the Kernel will treat the different performance and efficiency cores, especially when doing things like DSD upscaling and
Adding music.

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What kernel version is the latest RoonOS using?