I equipped Roon with a Samsung 2T solid-state drive. After formatting it in roon on the Internet, I found that it could not import resources into the computer. In fact, this hard disk can only download the resources downloaded by the roon-bound music library website, and the resources in the computer cannot be read. Is that so?

If you are running ROCK, the Roon OS you can add a 2TB SSD for music and it is visible to network connected PCs on the same network. However you have to relax the security settings in Windows or whatever OS you are using to allow seeing and moving files between the machines.

ROCK 的第一個硬盤只能用作Roon OS 及Library Database 之用,不能存放任何媒體

Yes, this is correct. The first SSD can only be used for the ROCK OS and database, not for music files. All you need is 128 GB (or 256 because 128 can’t be found cheaply anymore). But you can add a second, large SSD or HDD for music storage.