RoonARC - Downloading Tidal Playlists

Does ARC have the capability to download the music in my Tidal playlists onto my iPhone? Right now, most of my on-the-go music listening is playlists that I’ve created in Tidal so that I can download them onto the Tidal app on my iPhone and play them when travelling, at the gym, etc. It seems like ARC is only giving me the option to download albums onto my iPhone. Am I missing something?

No. The streaming services only allow downloads to their native applications.

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So all the Tidal albums that I’ve added to my library can only be accessed through ARC if my phone is connected to wifi?

No, Roon ARC can access your local files, Tidal, and Qobuz using both WIFI and your cellular data. The only files that can be downloaded and stored on your phone are your local files. Tidal and Qobuz only allow downloads via their own apps due to licensing restrictions.

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