RoonArc for Apple Silicon MacOS!

Hi dev team, RoonArc is an amazing app and thank you all for your hard work!
However, when I found out there is no app for MacOS, I feel a little disappointed. I want to streaming music at my office from RoonCore of my home, and I use Zerotier for 2 years but is just not stable enough.
Comparing to iPhone, the new MacbookPro has a well-designed built-in DAC and analog output interface so I don’t have to connect extra DACs to my iPhone and consume much more battery.
I have tried export IPA file of RoonArc and install on MacOS, but it just give a message that the developer does not intend to run this app on Mac and failed.

So, please, add support for MacOS Silicon!


No it does’t work. Check this line: “If the iPhone or iPad app developer elected to have their mobile app available on Mac, you will now see it on the results page.”
Apparently RoonArc does not marked available on macOS