RoonARC + Synology Troubleshooting

Hi! I have Roon 2.0 running successfully on my Synology/Core. Can we chat about Roon Arc port forwarding issues here or best to head to the general support thread?

I cant seem to get Arc successfully running/listening despite my best port fwding attempts

I will try to help you. I assume that your Roon Core 2.0 is working well on your Synology and that you can play music with Roon Remote 2.0.

Can you give information about your network gear. What do you have? Modem, modem/router, router, etc.

Furthermore let us work from outside (internet) to inside (the NAS in your LAN). You wrote that you have setup portforwarding for Roon ARC. Are you sure that the (right) port is indeed open to your LAN? Please check with GRC | ShieldsUP! — Internet Vulnerability Profiling  

I put Tailscale on my Synology and its working well with Roon and all my Synology applications for external access without opening any ports.

Good tutorial

Did you check the Synology firewall as well? I needed to exclude my specific ARC port to get it to work.