RoonARC - What I miss

I don’t know what will be possible, but I guess, if technically possible and it would not blow up the stream too much, it could be possible to let the ROON Core calculate the DSP for the headphone and send this to the phone!? By the way, yes, ARC is a good APP and extension of ROON, but I use for all my different rooms (not the ones with Dirac or YPAO) and headphones, the Sony NC in ear and over ear,too, the matching folding filters and thats really great and a huge difference to the possibilitys you have with at excample with the Sony app where you only can a little adjust the frequency but not can use different Harman curves or other house curves.

For me also, I’d like DSP on ARC and also an option to use ARC (with DSP) on a computer at my office. Prior to this I was unauthorizing my home core and then authorizing a core on my computer when I am at work, but now my spouse might be using ARC so this means I can’t really stop my core at home. The best option for me would then be DSP on ARC and ability to use it on a computer, which I use to apply convolution filters and some delay/gain settings so my office speakers are aligned. I miss that right now, because when implemented the sound is just amazing and I feel like I’m cheating life by sitting at a (quiet) concert at work.

My first thought reading your post was why couldn’t DSP still be handled on the core before being sent out to the ARC app. :thinking:

But then I guess that would mean music downloaded on the ARC app for offline listening couldn’t be used with DSP.

Excellently put. In full agreement. I do wish at minimum that bookmarks were available in Arc, and I remain confident that they will come at some point. For now, I am thrilled to have my local Roon library on the ego without having to sync Tidal and Qobuz with my local music.

You will need to post this in support and be patient. Make sure you have read and followed the troubleshooting steps, which are quite thorough and rather useful.

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Yes thank you :smiley:

you cant logout and log back in? i just did that

Yes, others here tell me the same.
I investigate that tomorrow. I think some stupid error on my side. Most probably the second core was inactive when I tried to reset and switch.

Maybe my setup behaves different because I don’t use the same email addresses for my cores ?

More common than downloads is streaming services, they go direct to ARC, don’t pass through the Core.

These are just examples of the massive rearchitecting required by ARC, a lot of the Core processing is now client-side.

Is there going to be a dedicated iPadOS ARC app. The current ARC app for iPhone is only iPhone size on the iPad.

Tablets are on roadmap


Oh! I didn’t know that. I thought since ARC connected to the core, everything went through it as if ARC was just another endpoint to the core.

Thanks for pointing that out.

Has anyone faced this with Arc ?

  • roon core running & playing music with e iPhone app
  • starting roon arc on iphone … can’t see the core .

Don’t know why

Have you set up remote access on the core settings?

Let’s say I set up a roon endpoint in my office at work. Can I use this with my roon core at home?

Not quite. You would need to use the Arc mobile app at the office to access your Roon core at home. If you set up a Roon endpoint at the office, it would look for a Roon core, and it would not be able to see your Roon core at home. An Arc desktop application would solve that. Not sure if a desktop app is on the roadmap. Would be great and most welcome.

Actually no - because I wanted to use it within the house (I don’t feel like opening my network just for music listening).
I have RoonServer installed on a Mac, and what I’ve noticed is that I need to keep the Roon App open on the Mac, so that RoonARC can see the Roon Core and be able to browse albums. Once I close it I get a message saying that either it can’t find the Core or something around “Poor connection.Retry” (or something similar, I didn’t do a screen capture).

This will be the case if your installation of Roon is not Roon server, in which case your Roon app must be open as that’s also your core. I installed Roon server on my Mac Mini. It runs as a service.

Edit: I see you mention Roon server. I don’t need my Roon app open to see the core. Just need the Roon server service running. You should not need the Roon client open to see your core if you are running Roon server.