Roonbox & a search question

Hi, I had only recently learn of a Roon operating system called “RoonBox”. As a Roon user, is this something I can download and install on a Roon dedicated computer?

My second question is does Roon support file searching by file location instead of name of song/artist? There’re songs which I don’t remember any of the info but only the locations of where I placed them on my computer.

Thanks in advance

Do you mean ROCK rather than RoonBox?

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Thanks Gary! Lol, I must had heard it wrong. Yes, Rock it’s!

Hey @Richard – much of the Roon interface is built around the rich metadata we retrieve about the artists and albums in your library, as opposed to files and folders.

You can find content by path in the tracks browser. There’s some more information here.

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Thank you Mike, I’ll give that a try.

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