RoonBridge on BeagleBone Black? [Solved]

Anyone have this running?

I do.

Easy install script works well.

My libc version was, however, too old for Roon, so I had to upgrade it or roonbridge wouldn’t run.
After the upgrade roonbridge works flawlessly. Well, so far, at least :wink:

Would love to see some instructions on this.

You’ll have to do it from the command line, of course.

1 - SSH into your BBB
2 - Follow the instructions at (in the page search for: The Easy Installer (Recommended) ). In that section follow the instructions for RoonBridge armv7hf (it’s just 3 lines that you’ll have to copy and paste into your BBB command line and execute)
3 - See if your BBB shows up as a networked Roon Bridge in Roon. If it does, and you can also see your DAC there, you’re finished.

4 - If it doesn’t you may have an old glibc version like me. Go to /opt/RoonBridge/ on the BBB and try starting RoonBridge manually: ./ If you get an error saying roon needs glibc version 2.14 it means yours is older than that. Follow instructions at (last reply, the one from InvictusRex28). After upgrading glibc try starting RoonBridge manually again. It should work and the BBB should appear as a zone in Roon Server.

If you need any extra help, post here and I’ll try to guide you better on any of these steps.

Thanks. I’ll do a bit of research. and see what I can accomplish. I currently have mine set-up with the disk image instructions from ComputerAudiophile using it as a DLNA renderer. That is about the extent of my BBB knowledge. :slight_smile:

Ok, then you will have the older glibc, as Chris’ image came with 2.13.

The BBB is just running debian linux, so it won’t be different to any other linux device.
As I said, if you see yourself on a dead end post here an I’ll try to give a hand. I’m usually online in the evenings.

Yeah. This isn’t working for me. Must be something with Chris’ image or something with me, but I can’t SSH into the BBB using USB. Sigh.

Update. Was able to SSH over ethernet and have it running. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the help. This is sweet.

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Great! :thumbsup:

The problem now is where to put my Mac mini. :grin:

Maybe anyone can help me. Installed RoonBridge on Beagleboen Black (Debian Jessie). When I try to start .sh I get this info:
00:03:57.542 Info: ConnectOrStartAndWaitForExit RAATServer
/opt/RoonBridge/Bridge/RAATServer: 34: ulimit: error setting limit (Operation not permitted)
No fast tls on device. Using fallbacks. Current implementation :
0xee1d0f70 0xe12fff1e 0xe320f000 0xe320f000 0xe59f3018 0xe3a01000 0xe59f2014 0xe08f3003 0xe7932002 0xe3520000 0x15922000 0xeaf0c8dc 0xc33ac 0x4e0 0xe1a02001 0xe1a01000
Not Running (.o)

That’s an Apache error message (“ulimit: error setting limit (Operation not permitted)”), no idea why you would get if in Roon.

I gave up. I managed to install Ubuntu fo arm7 but connected to my iFi iDSD Micro resulated some distortions in sound. Then I installed Arch Linux (the easiest setup of all Linux distros for Beaglebone). It played nicely but after playing files above 96khz (192khz or DSD) I couldn’t play any other format. I had to reboot Arch to play songs again.
This weekend I will give Raspberry Pi 3 a try. But still my i3 NUC gives the best performance.

Don’t give up. I have it instlled on my BeagleBone Black using Chris’ instructions @ Computer Audiophile. Added RoonBridge to it over ethernet. Works like a charm.

As I understand: you’ve managed to install Roon Server on top of Chris’ image? Are Roon Server ana DLNA work along?

No. I installed RoonBridge on top of Chris’ image. DLNA and RonnBridge work fine together.

DietPi is available for BeagleBone black now.

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