RoonBridge on Raspberry Pi Zero


When doing installation, I’m getting following error message.
Error: This package is intended for armv7hf platforms.

Is RoonBridge supported on Raspberry Pi Zero?


I guess that issue is that Pi Zero is running ARMv6 (32-bit).
Is there RoonBridge available for it?

If not what options I could have to get Roon Server to play on it?


RoonBridge is a no-go on ARMv6 indeed, but you can install squeezelite and activate SqueezeBox support in Roon. You’ll miss out on the niceties of RoonBridge and cannot group with RAAT zones, but at least you can play from Roon to the Zero.

@brian are there some specific limitation why Roon Bridge is only compiled for ARMv7, and not for ARMv6 which runs on the new Pi Zero.

Would be great to utilise micro-sized Pi+DAC Zero as Roon Bridge in variety of embedded solutions.


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Three reasons:

  1. The device does not perform well enough to handle the full gamut of Roon’s format support (this also applies to the original Pis), and uses an outdated instruction set.

  2. There’s only one USB port, no built in networking, and no built-in audio output. This means networking will run over the Pi’s notoriously dodgy USB implementation, and people will be tempted to run audio over the same USB port through a hub–a configuration that we don’t feel is likely to be solid.

  3. The full-size Pi 2/3 isn’t prohibitively expensive for individuals, especially when you consider the extra peripherals you’d need to buy to make a Pi-zero work. For embedding applications, there are far better options in a similar price range that don’t use dinosaur CPUs. For example, this $8 board has ethernet, USB, and a quad-core cortex-a7. By the time you got networking going on the Pi-Zero, you’d have outspent the difference.

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Does this still apply because now we have the pi zero W which includes wifi.
I actually have about 5 of those installed for “less important zones” in my house with a i2S Dac/AMP attached to it, a few Hifiberry AMP2 and a few JustBoom AMP zero’s.

This is working like a charm with picoreplayer (squeezebox) but I want to change to RaaT.
Will buy new hardware for my main zones like living room and kitchen but these other zones I’d like to keep the small configs as the sound is already very good and I’ve built some cases myself where the stuff is all packed into.

Would it be possible to compile the binary for armv6 just for these occasions ?

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Maybe, if sufficient demand appears.

I have almost no faith in those guys to do WiFi right well after the Pi3 disaster. It’s basically unusable for audio streaming except at very low bitrates. Works great with a USB->WiFi module, though…even a very cheap one.

That they’re still clinging to ARMv6j is a pretty unfortunate choice, especially considering that it is no longer necessary to hit their price point as it was in the early days.

We have some dependencies that are likely to encounter complications on that architecture–it could end up being a lot of work/hassle to support a fairly limited device, and we won’t really know until we get into it and run into the problems.

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I have a RPi Zero too and while it’s a cute little device the RPi3 is far better for bridge IMHO

I support the Roon direction to steer clear of it…for the rather small number of active Zero deployments where RAAT is desired. Use the AirPlay support if you think it’s really needed as that’s about all the bit rate you could realistically support probably - just my view.

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Ah, okay. I didn’t realise that there are actually dependencies that do not work for armv6.
The devices actually work fine now with picoreplayer. Almost no power consumption and playing some high res audio only utilises the cpu a tiny bit. There is no logic in the endpoint itself, it just receives packets to send to the audio device.

I will order a few pi 3 devices to replace the zeros.
Another great device to look at for cheap Roon endpoints:
Ordered one just to try it out.


Zero with USB WiFi is running perfectly with DietPi and Roon LMS protocol enabled. No need for picoreplayer.
HW performance and WiFi allows even HiFi streaming. Quality is super.

Pity Roon is limited Bridge support to armv6. Not sure it is principle, or really so big work to recompile the code?


I have Pi3s with dietpi running well with IqAudio HATs. I have found mixed results with the builtin wifi though, so be prepared to use a USB dingle. Not had any issues since changing to that approach.


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Any update on the RPi Zero W compatibility?
I have set up a streamer with Raspotify on a PiZero and want to install Roon bridge aside Raspotify if possible.

Any help will be thoroughly appreciated.

For everybody’s information:

I just got a Raspberry Pi Zero W working with SqueezeLite and therefore Roon support, in combination with the Zero Merus Amp HAT.

The sound quality is nothing audiophile like, but it will do for the bathroom and another peripheral room.

No specific problems and no crackling, so far.

Also, RoPieee NG (New Generation) is now working on Pi Zero 2 W.

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