Roonbridge / Raspberry Pi3 / NAD T75HD via HDMI

I have a NAD Pre/ procesor that can process 24/192 with its internal dacs.

I am using a Raspberry Pi3B I configured with DAC+ Pro as a ROON device.

So far it works well.

I want to send the audio out of the HDMI because my Pre/Pro can decode DSD over the HDMI input.

However If I send audio on Roon connecting the Pi3B DAC+ Pro to the pre via HDMI I dont get any sound. What should I do?

The HDMI is on the PI mainboard… should I take off the PI HAT? would it still work with the Roon bridge?

What image are you running on your Pi? I believe that with the Roon Ready image from Hifiberry, the onboard sound options are disabled.

Regardless – do not get your hopes up sending high quality audio (let alone DSD) over the Pi’s HDMI: it is primarily a video device and it’s audio drivers are severely underdeveloped and limited to 48/16.

You can get HDMI to work using Raspbian Lite or DietPi – but it will not lead to aural satisfaction.

I read that on the more recent Kernels for PI are supposed to support it.

Maybe Ill get the Digi + HAT and do it via coax digital.

As HDMI is supposed to support high resolution and my NAD T175HD supports DSD over HDMI upto 128 I believed, I thought maybe I could skip the DIGI+.

Do you have any idea if there would be a real benefit of using the DAC+ PRO over the regular DAC?

I am using PI3 running PiCoreplayer HDMI out to either Marantz Processor or Linn DSM. Both are playing and reporting HD audio just fine

Thanks for your response.
Im trying to ascertain why I can not do it.

What OS are you using Roonbridge or Hifiberry?

Do you have any hifiberry module installed in the Pi3 while you use it HDMI?


Sorry, you dont run Roonbridge.

Still the PI CAN HDMI audio. Which resolutions are you using DSD?

I purchassed an additional PI3 to use it as another zone…

Configuring the new PI3 as reading the Roon on PI tutorial for beginners, I noticed that if I do not disable the PI3 on board audio as stated below… HDMI output shows as a zone on ROON CORE…

…Bad news is , but the unit can not access the WIFI dongle and connect wireless, leaving the zone to only ethernet.

My question now is… is there a way to dissable blutooth on the PI3 without dissabling all main board audio? so I can have WIFI conectivity and HDMI digital output?