RoonReady digital players!

I think this was a really smart move. By end of year, we should be seeing a flood of Roon Ready devices in the market, and as you stated that Roon Bridge, especially with Linux builds, will really change the landscape quite a bit for the DIY people out there.

I think I read it somewhere that the auralic Aries mini will not be fully functional Roonready,is that true.

Hi @danny

Can you explain the roon bridge for linux builds comment a little more… does that mean a linux based computer/device (like the SE) being plugged into a network and connecting ANY DAC/Amp to enable Roon to see the endpoint and group them?

Yes, but the SE is Roon Ready, so it already has this. Roon Bridge will allow you to bring your own DIY device.

Yes understood. So once RoonBridge is available then I could effectively use something like the below in my living room, hard wired to a network and plugged into my hi-fi DAC…

Yes, but you’d probably just need a standard cubox, since Roon will no doubt provide you with an OS - so you wouldn’t need something custom like this.

Ah interesting - I want expecting RoonBridge to be an OS, rather some software to load to an existing linux distro.
Good to know.

The impression I got is it would be an OS - at least for lightweight devices like the Pi/cubox - but I could of course be wrong…

we are thinking about doing a lightweight OS image as well, for some devices

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That would be great - some audio optimised OS. Looking forward to 1.2.

yes iirc I read the same recently.

I think it was on DAR after the author had met with the CEO - so I’d attach a bit of weight to that and at the very least adopt a wait and see re the mini.

On the release of ROONBridge, can a spare MacBook Pro 2015 i7 cut it as an endpoint wired into the network on Ethernet and connected to my DAC?

I had considered importing a Sonicorbiter SE from US but it seems like an expensive option with more Roon Ready devices likely to be released - ideally I’d be holding out for Roon Ready DAC.

I would ideally like the bigger MacBook Pro CORE moved away from hi-if back to my desk. It would plug into an Apple Extreme bridged to Virgin Superhub 2. The remote Mac would be on network via Virgin hub.

I use Hq Player currently on the Core. And control on a IPad Pro.

Looking for advice on any sound quality or networking performance issues.

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Computers; MBP15, MBP13 X2, IPAD PRO

If you use HQP then you can run the Mac NAA on your MacBook and have this architecture now. Download the OSX NAA from here, install it on the MacBook, connect it to your DAC and Ethernet, look in the Network name tool in HQP and name the MacBook NAA. Alter the output device in HQP and there you go.

The MacBook will easily run RoonBridge, it could also run Roon itself as a Remote or HQP.

One of the aims of the NAA or RoonBridge is to enable a low footprint computing device to feed USB to the DAC. A MacBook i7 is not really a low footprint device.

I know I’ve said this before, but maybe you could work with the folks at and coat-tail on the lightweight OS work they’ve already done.

yah, but we had to do this for Roon Server commercial propositions, including a firmware update system… I’m actually done with the OS… that part was easy… the hard part is the software that runs on the OS.


That made me smile (in sympathy).

I’m not a programmer but I’ve worked alongside it enough to know that what you’re doing’s huge. It’s easy for us to forget/overlook how much work it is to not only swap over to RAAT/RoonBridge, but also make it work across multiple operating systems (including some new ones)! And we just get it downloaded to us automatically as a 1.2 release, like magic :wink:

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Hi Danny I was thinking of buying this product Dell New Latitude 12 7000 Series 2-in-1 m5 processor thinking of connecting wifi to the microrendu which I am waiting and connected USB to my dac. Will it work ok?

Thanks Andy. I’ve dropped Jussi a line but I’ve downloaded the OSX NAA - but I have no option under Tools for Network naming - can’t find that option at all to verify whether it recognises it as NAA. Any ideas?



I’m using HQP 3.13.1(beta 2) for Windows. Tools is a top level menu and Network naming is an option in the pull down. I think it’s there regardless of network settings.