RoonReady Headphones desktop DAC / Amp?

Is there such thing? Or do I need another device hooked up to a headphones DAC/ Amp.

That Schiit Jotunheim looks tempting. Balance outputs and all.

I built one with iqaudio digiamp+ setup but balanced outputs only…let me find the thread…

An image is here in the latter posts

Would the Meridian Explorer 2 fit the bill ? MQA ready too. More expensive is the Meridian Prime. I don’t think they’re officially Roon-Ready, but Roon ‘speaks Meridian’ as it were.

I also did one with the Allo Vana setup and Dietpi that’s nice with Kali and Piano 2.1 but that setup is a tad more expensive, taller in stature and needs 2 power supplies.

Personally while I have mine switchable from balanced headphone (4pin XLR) and banana plug binding posts I mostly listen on speakers.

Using a wired LAN connection due to the aluminum case worked best and it’s a pretty frugal build cost wise with the IQAudio setup

I don’t think Meridian Explorer2 can PLAY anything unless there is RoonReady player hooked to it, such as PC or otherwise.

I currently feed a Bluesound Pulse Flex to Oppo HA-2 portable DAC / Amp. All Bluesound devices are becoming RoonReady in a few days (if promises are kept), but I am not sure of the quality of playback through its headphones Out jack to Oppo.

Maybe I am OK with this setup already? I am not too handy with DIY computers