Roonready! how to connect to Bluesound Node 2?

I’m using Roon since the beginning, and it’s a great piece of software. With the come of MQA lately, I have bought me a few days ago a Bluesound Node2. A fantastic sounding music server IMO. As per Janaury 31 there will be a firmware update for the Node2 that makes the Node roonready. For now the Node2 is connected via ethernet. Will it still connect via ethernet with roonready or how does it work? I’m sure someone of the Roon team can help me!



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Yes, it will still connect via Ethernet – your Node2 will be visible and available as a RoonReady zone.

This article in the Knowledge Base will bring you up to speed:

Does this apply to the powernode2 as well?
A roon ready amp is very tempting…

I can’t see why not, but I guess we’ll know for sure tomorrow.

A Pi with Hifiberry AMP+ or IQAudio DigiAMP+ may be more fun though… :wink:

I think after the update to 2.10 today the Bluesound gear will be visible in Roon. All Bluesound stuff will be Roon Ready after updating.:sunglasses:

I’m sitting right next to a Roon Ready PowerNode 2. Update drops in a few hours :slight_smile:.

I agree, having Roon Ready integrated amps and all-in-one speakers is a big deal.


Oh yes! I am really looking forward to this setup. Hopefully later today …

Can you control volume on the powernode2 using roon remote?

Yes, absolutely.

Hi guys!
Just updated my Node 2!
The integration of the Node 2 with Roon seems to be good.

I am only a little bit disappointed because I was hoping to use the 2 Node as end point for stream music to my Mytek Brooklyn, but the results with a coax connection between the two gives really poor results…
The sound seems to be “empty” and in some way poor in frequencies reproduction… and the MQA files are not recognized by the Brooklyn…

A totally different sound when I stream directly from computer to Brooklyn with a 6 meters toslink connection… the sound becomes open, rich, with low freq powerful and always under control… and MQA files are really astonishing…

At the moment I have to wait for some firmware update, probably in the Mytek side… and hoping in a HiFiBarry Digi+ on the way to my home

Out of interest: how did the Digi+ compare to the Node 2 over coax?

I give you my 2ç of experience coming by my poor ears:

With the Digi+ the sound transduced by the Brooklyn remain open and rich… really a better performance that with the Node 2!

Roon and the Digi+ have made the Node 2 absolutely useless in my house…

I have obtained good improvements of sound only substituting the Digi+ with a SoTM sMS-200 to connect the Brooklyn with USB.

But if I compare the cost and the time dedicated to solve compatibility issue (and some glitch still remains) with the couple SoTM-Mytek, with the easy of use of the Digi+ I can consider it the best “sound vs money” solution that I tested on my Hi-Fi!

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I have a quick question for you people with Node 2´s: If i set up my macbook air as core, can i use the node 2 without running the mac at the same time?

If you want to use the node as a roon endpoint you’ll need to have a roon core running on a computer (windows, mac or linux)

You can then use any roon remote and select the node as zone for playback.

Of course you can still use BlueOS as well…


Thanks for your 2c. :slight_smile: Here’s mine:

I picked up a Node 2 a few days ago – I find it a trifle more controlled (for lack of a better word) than the Pi/Digi+ PRO – the Digi+ is a tad enthusiastic in the higher frequencies in my system. Differences are small though – I could live with either one.

Mine is connected through SPDIF (Blue Jeans coax) to a MiniDSP performing Dirac DRC, which in turn connects through coax to a pair of Meridian DSP speakers.

There’s a lot to like about the Node: it switches sources (Roon, local, Spotify, Qobuz) very cleanly, it plays my local MQA files nicely and the headphone section is quite good.

Will leave it in my system as the main source for now (bonus points for being able to hack away at my Pi without annoying my family when something breaks in the process :wink:).


Beautiful to read how the same device can produce such differet results in different sistems!
My chain was made with Node 2 in coax connection with Mytek Brooklyn in xlr connection to a Krell KAV250 power amplifier and Sonus Faber speaker (i can say a chain with a warm imprint)
My experience was exacly opposite with the node 2, that give a sound that became “gray” (also for me lack of better word) a closed sound missing of low frequencies (that was my impression when in the same chain I change my Audiolab M-Dac with the Mytek).
And I think that the problem was the node because when i change it with the Digi+ the sound became again pleasant at my ears…

The only thing i am missing of the node 2 was the integration of TuneIn ( that in any case, from the software point of view was one step low than Sonos connect … but sonos is hi-res missing)… never-ending story (but ending money) :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I have a Bluesound Node 2.

Roon recognizes it as an endpoint

In addition to the straight connection to my preamp as “Analog 1”, I also have the Node connection to my Oppo Sonica DAC via its coaxial connection. I hear sound via my preamps “Analog 2” The Sonica is also able to play DSD 64 via its coaxial connection. However, I only see 1 Node endpoint – no choice as to whether I am using Analog 1 or my Sonica DAC - Analog 2.

Is there anyway that Roon can give me these two choices?

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