RoonReady keeps losing Altair

When using my (wired Ethernet) Altair via RoonReady mode, it keeps dropping and music stops. The device disappears from Roon entirely. The only way to get it to show up again is to switch to another input mode and then back to Stream mode.

Is this a known issue? Have others had this problem too?

I’m really close to being at the end of my rope with this unit after a few days. I don’t see the point of paying so much for so little.

EDIT: I’m using DSP to convert to DSD128. I tried dropping to DSD64 to see if that helps at all.
EDIT2: Nope, didn’t help. DSD64 also loses sync with the Altair.

Hi Mike,
I have no solution for you, but did you ask also at the Auralic support forum.

Just one question: What is your actual firmware version of the Altair?

I sent them a support email, I hope I’ll hear back monday.

I’m on firmware V5.1. It says I’m up to date.

For what it’s worth, I just bought an Altair for a secondary system, and am using it exclusively for Roon. No problems at all. I’m using it via wi-fi.

Not sure if this is relevant for you, but I noticed that putting the Altair into “sleep” mode makes it unrecognized by Roon. However, it automatically reconnects when I switch the Altair back on.

I tried a different cable and a variety of things, nothing fixed it. It also loses connection with LightningDS, so it’s something with the streaming module crashing. Basically it wouldn’t play for more than 5 minutes without the streaming module vanishing. The RaspPi on the same switch has no such issues.

Auralic customer support told me to just return it instead of trying to figure out what’s wrong, so I’m going to do that. AudioAdvisor gave me free return shipping because it’s not working. Yay!