RoonReady on Antipodes DX does not work

Roon Server (Roon 1.6 build 416) runs on Antipodes DX D2 server 2 TB SSD with 2.5 Software by Antipodes, about 32.000 tracks. Dear @Tony_Devitt , there is newer version 2.7, but updating process always failed.
I am listening either directly through USB (via Antipodes RoonReady) or streaming to PS Audio Directstream Bridge with latest software, both Bridge and DAC.
As a remote device I am using iPad Pro 10.5 iOS 12.3, iPhone XS with latest soft,Oneplus 6T also latest soft.

I am using router Asus AC-RT66U, Ubiquity Unify WAP and switch Netgear GS108.

I tried powercycling all my remote devices. I tried power cycling Antipodes Server and PS Audio Directstream.

Antipodes DX 2nd gen works perfectly via ethernet to PS Audio Directstream.

Dear @Tony_Devitt, For critical listening I used Roon ready playback from DX to Directstream via USB. Suddenly I do not see this option in Roon Remote app.

Local playback on Roon Server (as second option in Antipodes user guide) via USB to Directstream works OK.

I tried to reinstall Roon Ready app on Antipodes DX, but nothing happend. DX to Directstream usb connection is OK, there is green light on Directstream display. In DX environment Roon Ready app seems OK too, updated on version 1.1.35. But I do not see this option in Roon Remote anymore.

Thank you for your help in advance.

Marek Supa

Hi @Marek_Supa,

Please email me at and I will be able to answer all your questions.



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Everything is working again thanks to @Tony_Devitt

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I am wondering what the solution was. I have an Antipodes EDGE server and have been running v2.5 software. I have not been able to upgrade to 2.7 and RoonReady have disappeared from Roon Core. Please help.

There is a special procedure for upgrading from Version 2.5 to 2.7.
Just email directly

Hi @Lu_Gao, I believe I sent you instructions for upgrading the Antipodes software from Version 2.5 to 2.7 on 4th April this year. If you did not receive that email you can contact me at

Hi Tony, I also have a similar problem, my Antipodes DX gen 3 and connecting to Light Harmonic Da Vinci dac mk2 via USB, running Roon Ready App & Roon Server on Antipodes too, Roon detected the antipodes but cannot play any files.

I updated to 2.7 already, is that really have some “special procedure for upgrading from Version 2.5 to 2.7” and I missed?

Thanks for your help in advance.

Please email me at

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