Roon's Complete Search Limit

Is there a limit to the number of albums you can have in your collection before Roon’s search refuses to find all of that band’s albums and then you are forced to scroll through your entire collection until you hit the group you are interested in? I am a collector so I can have six or even more of the same album; one being the original, another a mono copy, another a remaster, another a high resolution, another a DCC and another a Mobile Fidelity, as an example. Obviously this can create a very large collection of albums for Roon to manage. I have over 10K worth of albums on various hard drives and now am beginning to think I need to thin the herd. Has anyone determined that Roon begins to give up after you reach a certain number of albums in your collection? Some times the search does include the album I am looking for but not the version and Roon does not give me the option to look at the other “Versions”, Roon just shows the one album and no “Version” menu to click on. This is becoming very frustrating. I hope I am making myself clear in terms of my issue. Yes it is a lot of albums and many duplicates as mentioned but I do not want to get rid of them, it took a long time to collect and I like the ability to choose between them even if the one I want to listen to is not the best recording, it may have a few songs on it that the others don’t have.

Hi Michael try to see if you have this enabled and give it another go.

Under Setting/General

Search is limited (50 results per category, I think?) for sure. As has been already pointed out for many times in this forum, the (global) search is not the best option to inspect the contents in your library. Use Focus and/or Filter instead.

A note about duplicates/versions:
As per default, Roon treats versions (mono, stereo, multi-channel, …) of the same release (album) in your library as duplicates and hides all but the primary version. The other version can still be accessed through the versions tab of the album screen, but you can usually not find the hidden (album) versions via search, focus or filtering. On the other hand is for example an original album release with 8 tracks and a later re-release of it with bonus tracks, let’s say 10 tracks total, never treated as the same (duplicate). So those don’t get hidden and may not (always) show in the versions tab (no versions tab at all if no duplicate exists). Read also:

Yep, have it exactly as shown.

Bingo, Filters is great, had never tried it but it access the band I am searching for extremely quickly. This is good enough for me. Thanks a lot. Roon has great resources when you have an issue. Quick responses from the user base.


If you have the Roon desktop remote and the album view is “sort by artist”, you can simply type the artist name on the keyboard and it will jump there.

I think this works in Artist view as well but can’t try it right now. (Edit: It kind of works with Artists but jumps to the page where the artist is, not the exact match)