Roon's direction for the future

Hello my fellow Roonies

I wish you all well.

A good number of us have encountered a few issues over our time using Roon and I’d say prior to recent weeks, Roon support has been good, but possibly always under staffed :man_shrugging:

Recent weeks, maybe a month or so some of us have noticed a Roon-vacation from the forum.

A fair bit of frustration is going around, and longterm users are also venting.

Could we ask Roon’s head honchos for an update on the current state of Roon. Will this current bumpy road spell be as a result of a new major overhaul release.

The last post on the Roon Blog was August 21st, 2023. Now October and the large gap isn’t consistent with prior updates.

I’m not here to speculate, just after some cold hard facts of Roon’s continued success for the future.

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Please don’t say “we all.” Definitely, not all. I think “some” is more accurate.


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Not here to speculate either but if Roon respond to your request, I guess it could be one of three different responses:

  • Future is looking rosy and there is a big feature announcement due next year
  • Current technical/support difficulties are being worked on and are a temporary issue
  • OK, hands up, we admit it, Roon is shutting up shop soon and we are working on the exit strategy.

And we all know Roon don’t comment on future direction so that really only leaves response 2 in some form or other.
The first two are plausable (but would you believe them 100%?), whilst the last won’t happen (even if the truth) as it will scare off Nucleus purchasers and subscribers.

Top one looks good :wink::+1:

Nudge nudge, wink wink