Roon's magical album split: SOLVED!

In the last few days I had a lot of problems when importing personal album collections or when mixing album titles with different bit depth / sample rates. Although all titles were in the same folder, had the same artist/album artist/album title, etc. the album was split into two or more different albums during import.

I know support is telling us “if files are tagged properly with a reasonable folder structure, this shouldn’t happen”. But the the sixty four thousand dollar question is: “WHAT does PROPER tagging means in detail”?
And what to do if my tag editor tells me that everything is alright?

Finnaly I rediscovered a solution that was discussed heavily back in 2015: Using Roon’s album EDIT/MERGE feature.
Press either left or right mouse button (depending on the current context) to select the albums in question and then press the “…” (MORE) button followed by EDIT/MERGE ALBUMS.
This worked perfectly for me and it seems that this feature has been improved over the years.
It’s good to remember…

Even well-tagged boxsets often arrive in Roon "un-boxed.’ My guess is you tagged nothing wrong.

Glad you found that shortcut though. You’ll probably need it again.