Roon's Multi-Disc Handling

I have many different types of multi-disc album in my library:

  • Albums split across multiple discs, because they were too long.
  • Box sets with different albums on each disc.
  • Compilations where each disc was mixed by a different DJ.
  • Deluxe albums with bonus discs.

Roon currently has limited handling of this.
It would be great if disc names were displayed.

For example:

Roon has picked up that this album “Collected” has discs named “The Best Of” and “Rarities.”
But when I view the album, the drop-down selection only lists:

  • All discs
  • Disc 1
  • Disc 2

This is problematic for big box sets which may have eight or more discs, if you only want to select one of the albums.

And in the case of Deluxe albums, it is extremely rare that I actually want to listen to the bonus tracks together. I mainly keep those in the library for shuffle play/radio.
I have currently taken to splitting those off as a separate “version” of the album, rather than keeping them as a second disc - so that only the main album plays when I select it.

But I think a more elegant solution might be if Roon remembered your previous disc selection.
If you last selected disc 1, the next time you hit play on that album it would only play the main disc - without having to make that selection again.

There are at least two existing feature suggestion threads. Use search to avoid diluting votes (not that there are any, but maybe there are more threads that I didn’t find quickly)

@moderators merge?

Oh, wow, I completely forgot about that one.
I wouldn’t hold my breath though. The issue is acknowledged by roon but still unsolved since 2017.

EDIT: I found another thread with a similar request from 2015.

Ah, nothing relevant came up in the search it does when creating a topic.
Sorry for the duplicate thread - though it’s good to see I’m not alone in finding this to be an issue.

Either way I hope you have success :slight_smile: