Roon's new Internet Radio Directory: Curators Wanted! 🙋‍♂️

There are 2 stations that I listen to every day and I really will appreciate having the track info displayed with this service. They are JBRADIO2 and Radio Paradise. Thank you.


Slightly [totally really] off subject, could we have a similar setup for podcasts?


Is someone going to ‘lift and shift’ the directory that’s available through Logitech Media Server?

There are dozens and dozens of web stations there, already neatly catagorised.

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Been listening it JB Radio this afternoon after reading your post. Really good, better than RP for me.

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There is a community driven database available at Is it an idea to use that?

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Isn’t this done via tunein in the background on LMS?

Really Nice !
Please add FIP.


Wouldn’t it be simpler for Roon just to integrate TuneIn Radio, like it has Tidal and Qobuz?


Indeed … no need to reinvent the wheel. Off course the page should look really cool with artist pictures for the song playing and such

Fully agree. Even add Tune In as well to the list. Linn and other streamer provider have shown how easily it can be implemented and used.

Really pleased to hear an upcoming release will have better Radio functionality but I a question.

I live in the UK, and the BBC offers its streams at a higher quality for residents (license fee payers) . Will the new curated feature allow the selection of these higher quality streams or will it default to the standard quality international streams?



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You are probably correct, Gary. It’s been a while.

Indeed, unless reinventing the wheel is significantly cheaper than the licensing costs.


Fantastic news!!! A much needed upgrade. Thanks for making it happen.

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not sure what Roon will do here, but in LMS (squeezeboxes), there are a couple of plugins that were created by a user that provides BBC stations with different streams depending on whether one is inside or outside the UK, and allows those inside to get the higher bitrate streams. There is also an “extras” plugin that allows one to stream certain archived content on demand.

Glad Roon are making internet radio easier to use. I’ve never managed to get the Insert URL version to work.

Does this mean we’ll be able to search and listen to Soundcloud via Roon?

Thanks to everyone who signed up so far!

Really appreciate all the interest in this project, and I’ll be in touch with more information soon!


I’m keen to help with the New Zealand stuff, it is fairly well known that we have an extremely large number of stations for the size of the population, so happy to help get this right if you’d like that help. Also have had experience with what Logitech Squeezebox used to do and have 20+ years in tech, if that counts for anything. :smiley:


Please please please please (channeling James Brown here) make sure that Radio Paradise’s high def stream is on the list, with full metadata linkage. JRiver’s had it working fine for quite awhile - album art, artist, song, etc.

It’s pretty much the only online radio I listen to.