RoonServer EasyInstaller Status : Failed - mount.cifs command Debian 10

Core Machine

Operating System : Debian GNU/Linux 10 \n \l
Version 10 (buster)
kernel 4.19.0-16-amd64
Core Machine : HP N54L (16GB Ram, 2 core 2.2GHz, Sata3 ssd)

Network Details

Untangle Router, HP Unmanaged Switch, TrueNAS Server, HP N54L, USB DAC

Audio Devices

Audio-gd NFB-28
Topping E30

Description of Issue

Hello Folks,
I have reinstalled the latest version of Debian Linux for a headless server setup with the aim of reinstalling roonserver. However I have run into a problem with the installation - I cannot get through the Roon EasyInstaller process - ran into a problem with mount.cifs as below

Checking to see if RoonServer can run on this machine

Checking for Binary Compatibility                            [   OK   ]
Checking for ALSA Libraries                                  [   OK   ]
Checking for ffmpeg or avconv                                [   OK   ]
Checking for the mount.cifs command                          [ FAILED ]
Testing ulimit -n 8192                                       [   OK   ]


These issues must be addressed before RoonServer will run on this machine.

For more information on how to address this, see:

The RoonServer installer did not complete successfully.

I have checked if mount.cifs via the following command

whereis mounts.cifs
mount: /usr/bin/mount /usr/sbin/mount.cifs /usr/share/man/man2/mount.2.gz /usr/share/man/man8/mount.8.gz

I have also mounted cifs share to TrueNas server.

I must be missing something obvious with the install, specifically the prerequisite Debian packages. Any guidance appreciated.



Try installing the cifs-utils package.

function check_mount_cifs {
    display_check "Checking for the mount.cifs command"
    which mount.cifs >/dev/null; WHICH_MOUNT_CIFS=$?
    if [ $WHICH_MOUNT_CIFS = 0 ]; then

Linux which command is used to identify the location of a given executable that is executed when you type the executable name (command) in the terminal prompt. The command searches for the executable specified as an argument in the directories listed in the PATH environment variable.

Debian Bug report logs - [#918754]
bash: $PATH in bash does not include /sbin and /usr/sbin

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Hello Rene,
The package is installed - unless I havent installed it correctly. Used standard approach apt-get install cifs-utils

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Hello BlackJack,

Thankyou for the response - very much appreciated, especially the link. I’ll work through this carefully as I am not a linux guru.