RoonServer for linux?

Is there a version of roonServer for linux? And if so what processors does it run on?

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Coming soon, hopefully this side of Christmas.


Ooh! Ooh!

That would be super-sweet. I’ve been running the Roon Core as needed on a Mac Pro which isn’t left on 24/7, and I keep thinking about whether I should just bite the bullet and stick Yet Another Computer in the back room to run Windows and Roon…

…but the machine I do have running 24/7 is an Ubuntu LTS server with a Haswell-generation Xeon and a bunch of RAM and all my music on its ZFS filesystem. That’s where the Squeezebox server runs, and it sure seems it should be close to optimal for that to be the place to run a RoonServer instance (plenty of spare cycles and high bandwidth to the audio files).

That’s if RoonServer will work on a machine running no GUI and on a CPU flavor without a GPU. I’m still trying to understand the requirements of the different Roon software flavors.

As far as I know Server flavours are headless.

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Hi there,

Could Roon please give us an update about release of Roonserver for linux?

Many thanks!


Hello, someone out there?

Hi Evan,

Is there a version of roonServer for linux?
Coming soon, hopefully this side of Christmas.

Roon was demoed to me last night and I have two Linux boxes on 24/7, no Windows or MAC so this was, well, music to my ears.

If I buy a lifetime of yearly will that include all OSs, current and Linux?

I guess that would be the most common platform, 64bit Intel?


Yes, the license covers all OS’, albeit only one machine can be the core at any given time. 64 bit Intel is likely the most common, but I know RoonSpeakers will also have Arm builds so it may be that you won’t be restricted to running server on 64 bit intel… doubt Arm etc. would have the grunt & ram to do run Roon core effectively though.