Roonserver on Arch can't see Roonbridge endpoints

For some reason my Roonserver on Archlinux can’t see roonbridge endpoints anymore. It’s very strange. I’ve tried several routers and switches and still won’t work. But if I log into my Windows Roon it sees the endpoints instantly connected to the same network, even running on the same machine. The exact same server worked fine this way for months. Even stranger when I go to “about” in settings, it shows the Roonbridge on the network, only the DAC won’t show up under networked devices in the audio settings. Another strange thing is if I’m connected to the streamer running Roonbridge and listening to music just fine on the Windows Roon installation, and turn on the server running Roonserver on arch, the connection to the DAC drops out. Some how the Roonserver running on that server even messes up the Roon on my Windows machine if it’s running on the same subnet. But if I connect the DAC direct to the server running arch Roonserver it works just fine. I’ve been messing with this for 2 days and pulling my hair out. Does anyone know what’s going on?

Sounds like you might have two Cores vying for attention from endpoints:

If you are listening to music through Roon then a Core is active. If you then turn on another Core you may have problems (you really only ever need one Core on a network), especially if they are running separate databases. Try uninstalling Roon on Windows and reinstalling it as a Remote pointing at your Arch Linux RoonServer. You should back up the database on the Windows machine first and migrate it to the Arch Linux Core as per the migration KB page.

It happens even if I just have the Roonserver on Arch, Roonbridge on streamer, and Roon remote on iPhone. Besides I used to be able to run as many instances of Roonserver as I wanted. You can only assign 1 as the core, and the other ones just act as roonbridges when you do that. Seems like it’s only a problem if the Roonbridge is also running on Arch. Because if I start Roonserver on arch, and Roon on my Windows computer, any dac’s connected to the Windows computer pop up as a connection option.