RoonServer slowing down

I am experiencing the same thing. It’s taking a much longer time to add an album to the library, load from Tidal, or my local storage…just seems sluggish. I have the regular Nucleus with 1TB internal storage and Tidal. I am using a Macbook Pro as my main remote but also control it from iPad…same results. @support.

out of curiosity, how many albums in library?

only about 8000 tracks on my internal storage.

Hi @Randy_Hatcher,

Can you elaborate a bit more on what you’re experiencing here? Are you able to play content okay, it’s just adding content to your library that seems slow?

With TIDAL and Roon combined how many tracks total are in your Roon library?

Yes, the slowdown is particularly noticeable when I add an album to my library from Tidal. Also just the process of switching between albums seems to be sluggish…as compared to when I first started using Roon. Once the selection is finally cued up it plays just fine. The slowdown seems to be related more to Tidal selections than access to my internal storage on the Nucleus. I have a total of 14,400 tracks in my combined library.

Hi @Randy_Hatcher,

Can you describe your current networking setup, including all networking hardware in use and how your devices are connected?

In the past we have seen Google DNS help with similar reports. Can you try using Google DNS and let us know if you notice a change?


I read the information about changing this DNS information but I am probably being overly cautious because I know very little about network setup…so I am a bit reluctant to make changes that may effect my entire network. Before I start changing these settings I would like some explanation why there were no speed problems with Roon when it was on my wi-fi connected iMac and initially was quite snappy on the Nucleus. If these settings are the problem seems to me they would have been an issue all along.

My network is as follows: Cable modern to Apple Time Machine router. Nucleus is hardwired to the router as is a Lumin T-1 DAC/Streamer via a basic D-Link router. This has been my configuration from the beginning. No changes to network components or cabling. I am using a Macbook Pro and an iPad to remotely control Roon. Speed issues are noticed with both. When using the Macbook I frequently get the “Spinning color wheel” while waiting for commands to execute. Once a selection is made and music starts playing there is no problem. The issue just seems to be with navigating around Roon. @support

Please shutdown all devices including Nucleus, Lumin, Mac, iPad, etc. Power cycle the router and all network switches and WiFi access points, if any. Wait for 5 minutes, then power everything up.

If it still behave the same please follow support advice of changing the DNS. It sometimes solves Tidal issues (even for non-Roon setup), but not always. My hypothesis of why changing DNS may help in some cases is that certain Tidal CDN backbone server changes are not properly reflected in your ISP DNS servers quickly enough, or it somehow causes Tidal load balancer to assign a different server to you. In addition to Google DNS, there’s also that can be tried.

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Hello @Randy_Hatcher,

As @wklie mentioned changing DNS servers to Google or Cloudflare would be a good troubleshooting step and it may improve the speeds you’re seeing here if you’re currently on an ISP provided DNS server. If changing DNS does not resolve the issue then I would go ahead and clear your TIDAL cache as well:

  1. Create a backup of Roon
  2. Stop RAATServer from running in the Nucleus WebUI
  3. Find and open your Roon database
  4. Find the /Roon/Cache Folder
  5. Move the contents of the /Cache folder elsewhere, like your desktop
  6. Try restarting Roon and syncing Tidal again

Please let me know if that helps.


Thank you. I took the suggestion offered by wkiie and turned everything off…waited a while and then powered everything up. My initial observation is that they navigation of Roon is faster than before. I will wait and see this faster performance continues. If so I will do nothing else. If speed problems come back I will move the Tidal cache folder as you have suggested. Again, thank you for the prompt responses…from wkiie and yourself.

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