Roonserver start or shutdown?

I installed Linux Ubuntu Studio.16.04 . I installed Roonserver.
How do I start roonserver and I shutdown ?

Roonserver for Linux runs as a service: it is loaded automatically at boot.

To stop and start manually, you can issue

sudo systemctl stop roonserver


sudo systemctl start roonserver

from a Terminal window.

Thanks RBM

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Sorry, Linux numpty here…I get systemctl: command not found.

I’m assuming that this means my system is using scripts to start/stop roon server but where do I find them?

What Linux distro / version are you running?

I’ve found that “systemctl start roonserver” starts Roonserver in a weird state where it doesn’t see my NAS music library, and the only choice is to reboot my Ubuntu Intel NUC. I have a suspicion that the problem might be with the restarted service not knowing the right path to the mount point for the music library. Next time I stop the server to backup Roon’s database, I’ll umount /mnt/RoonStorage_* to see if the server restarts correctly.

it’s ubuntu 14.04.4 Trusty Tahr

OK – you’re still running upstart as opposed to the current systemd.

For your install, issue:

sudo service stop roonserver


sudo service start roonserver

Thanks Rene,

‘Top’ reports RoonAppliance in top position.
‘service --status-all’ included roonserver in its list.

But when I run that command I get: Stop: Unrecognized service

Ah… Sorry – it’s servicename first with upstart. Pre-systemd seems sooooo long ago – knowledge is getting rusty. :wink:

Anyway, this will do the job:

sudo service roonserver stop


sudo service roonserver start

Thanks Rene, that did the job.

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