rooNuimo – best Roon controller ever

There are two tutorials:

  1. rooNuimo - How to use the Nuimo with Roon - YouTube
  2. rooNuimo - How to modify the Nuimo Hub for Roon usage - YouTube

I’ve installed it on a rpi zero with 512mb, and it works fine. Running only rooNuimo though. :+1:

Thanks….couple of things:

  • is there a trial license option available?

  • does upgrading the hub SD card with any future updates require dismantling the hub each time or can it be achieved over the network?

Please can you also send me the link for the latest hub software?….

Hello Jock,
for rooNuimo there is no trial license, sorry.

I offer a trial license is for rooUPnP only, because UPnP has so many different implementations on different devices and this has evaluation makes sense before buying.

Currently upgrading means dismantling. Now as rooExtend has a License Manager I plan to offer an OTA update mechanism for minor releases but not available now.

The latest version for the Nuimo-Hub you can find here:

Best DrCWO

This sounds interesting. DrCWO writes that a RPi 4 is needed to operate a Nuimo Controller without a senic/Nuimo hub. I that case I would prefer a Pi Zero.

Will also do fine. But there will be more future Roon Extensions requiring a Pi4. So maybe it’s a better invest, even now. And please look at the nice cover plates I offer :wink:

rooExtend – The easy start with Roon Extensions - Audio Gear Talk - Roon Labs Community


I can report that I was able to get the Nuimo hub to work with a TP-Link Bluetooth 4.0 Nano USB Adapter UB400 @DrCWO

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Thank you, I updated the offer in sellcodes.

The Asus BT400 Stick that I use in the moment does not provide a stable connection, no recommendation. I will change it, but its hard to get any. I ordered the GMYLE…

@DrCWO thank you for developing rooNuimo. It works very very good. I also have the Microsoft Surface Dial, but this one is far better.

One request though: when I’m not listening to Roon on my Linn Akurate DSM, I like to play records on my Linn LP12. RooDial would keep the Microsoft Surface Dial awake for changing volume, but rooNuimo goes into standby in few moments. Would it be possible to keep the Nuimo awake as long as the Linn Akurate DSM is awake?

question: Would it be possible to run more than one Nuimo controller on the Pi W or Hub?

Kind regards, Pieter

thanks’ for your comment in rooNuimo.

Battery capacity is a weak point with Nuimo cause it drains quite fast if the Nuimo is active. To improve this rooNuimo prevents the Nuimo from sleeping as long as music via Roon is playing. If this playback stops the Nuimo goes to sleep to save battery.

Sure I might add a switch to keep the Nuimo alive all the time but this is not the right way. I will think about how this can be solved.

More than one Nuimo running on one Pi is not possible because the Bluetooth implementation used does not allow it.

Best DrCWO

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Hallo Roon community,
today I had the chance to visit Senic in Berlin, the manufacturer of the Nuimo.

They still have a lot of brand new white Nuimos. Only the controls without the Nuimo-Hub. This means they can be used with a Raspberry Pi and rooExtend to control Roon :+1: :slight_smile:

They offered me access to these as “Bulk-Devices” without the fancy cardboard box and all that is normally included in the box (a manual, the photo of the creators and the magnetic holder plate). These devices are brand new with the latest firmware, thoroughly tested and run fine with rooNuimo.

The drawback is that they do not offer any guarantee on these Bulk-Devices. Another disadvantage is that they don’t sell them individually. That means I had to order in quantities and redistribute them for a really attractive price!

To get an overview I would like to collect prospects who are interested in buying one or more of these Nuimos. I plan to bundle your inquiries and forward them to Senic as a bulk order.

To get an overview how many of you are interested in these brand new and tested devices, I kindly ask you to send me an e-mail at info(at)definiteaudio(dot)de with subject “Nuimo Prospect and your country name”. These e-mails are no orders only a hint for me if it makes sense spending more time and efforts on this topic.

If there are enough request I will setup an online shopping opportunity at beginning of September to collect your orders. My plan is to ship the Nuimos worldwide.

Best DrCWO


Thanks - sounds very interesting !

@DrCWO I have setup my Nuimo with RPi 4B, 4GB in a kind of lab environment (open case on my desk) and everything worked as expected, Then I closed the housing and put the case to my living room. Now the Nuimo controller will not connect to RPi. The bluetooth icon is flashing, but no connection. I can reach the RPi by http://rooExtend.local. Within Roon it also looks normal (connected, licensed). I have also moved the controller next to the RPi.
Any ideas, how to fix it?

Hi Hendrik, try rebooting the RPi, also try switching off the Nuimo and turning it back on. Note that the distance between Nuimo and RPi should not be more than a couple of meters.

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already did it. But I will try again.
Booting means unplug and replug power cord, right?

OK Thanks……

Have now purchased a license and installed rooNuimo on my Nuimo Hub……all fairly straightforward and working really well……great to be using this kit again as it is top quality - also now means that I don’t need to get the new Devialet Remote at £179 that offers less functionality……

Confirming also that the TP-Link BT-TPUB4A Bluetooth USB device is working fine - potentially offering more range over the BT-TPUB400 version


Thank you @Jock_Todd for the info regarding the UB4A, I was wondering if it works as well for this job. That was helpful for me.

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Yes, if the power supply of the RPi does not have an on-off switch. rebooting means unplugging and replugging. First try switching off and on the Nuimo and wait until you see the checkmark.

Nuimo controller is now connected again :slight_smile:
I removed the upper part of the housing. I think the shielding was too strong for the bluetooth signal. My housing is made out of aluminium. Now I will look for a plastic case.
Thanks for your support.