rooNuimo – best Roon controller ever

Dear Rooners,
today we (me and @Klaus_Engel) have something very special for you. Therefor we recommend continuing reading this post :relaxed:

With rooExtend v2.0.0 we added the rooNuimo Roon Extension to support the the Senic Nuimo Control device.

With the Microsoft Surface Dial as entry level (rooDial), the 3Dconnexion SpaceMouse Wireless as innovative and very reliable controller (roo6D), and now the Senic Nuimo as the high-end option with perfect quality and haptics (rooNuimo) we are thus offering a range of Roon controllers in which there should be something for everyone.

The Nuimo Controller is a marvellous volume controller with some outstanding features:

  • Top design and haptic with zero tolerance. Feels like operating Leica lenses.
  • Capacitive touch surface offering a lot of functionalities.
  • A display that makes using Roon an even bigger pleasure.
  • In addition, the surface offers a pressure point used to start and stop playback.

The Nuimo is the highest-end volume controller we offer now that can be used with Roon, and probably also the last.

Its anodized aluminum dial with double-hardened acrylic touch surface is just such a gemstone that fits perfectly in your hand - the ultimate addition to your high-end Roon system. The Nuimo is made for people with a pronounced aesthetic sense, for whom the costs play a subordinate role and who simply want to treat themselves to something beautiful.

Here two Links where to buy:

And here a video with a review by of the original Sonos-based Nuimo:

Compared to the original software that came with the Nuimo which only supported Sonos, rooNuimo now supports Roon and and adds lots of features. We have also cured the often criticized childhood illnesses of the Nuimo with our rooNuimo Roon Extension.

When turning the Niumo, the rooNuimo extension shows the current volume numerically on the touch surface. By swiping left and right on the touch surface, you can skip to the previous or next track. Pressing down on the touch surface will pause and play the current track. We also added total configurability for all touch gestures supported by the device. This means you can adapt the device to your needs for controlling mute, shuffle, repeat, seek, standby, playlists and radio stations. We also make sure that the Nuimo controller is always responsive and you can rely on the instant response on your inputs. A flashing, dimmed play-symbol shows up regularly during playback to communicate that Nuimo is active. This symbol turns to a battery warning if the battery drains and has to be recharged.

Here a link to my youtube playlist that shows how to modify the Nuimo Hub for Roon usage and how to control Roon with the Nuimo.
(4) rooNuimo – best Roon controller ever with Senic Nuimo - YouTube

Now, there is one small drawback: Senic discontinued the device and there is probably limited stock for ordering. So, get it while it’s available! The controller itself can either be used with the included Nuimo Hub (with some minor modification for which we provide a tutorial video), a Raspberry Pi4 or Zero W.

The other option is to get a used Nuimo from eBay etc. Note, that only the Nuimo Controller itself and a Raspberry Pi4 is needed (no Nuimo Hub is required if you use a Raspberry Pi4 with rooExtend).

Here we will answer all your questions and give support for the rooNuimo Roon Extension.

Best @Klaus_Engel and @DrCWO


Interesting but could find no stock anywhere !

Silver one is available in the US, black one in UK. Other option is to check eBay.

Ah yes, sorry, no stock in the UK.

See links in my posting :wink:

@DrCWO Thank you for this extension - the Nuimo was the controller I was looking for. As it is discontinued: do you know if the battery can (easily) replaced if there are some battery issues in some years?


Yes, the battery can be replaced. The battery is a 3.7V 600mAh Li-polymer Battery 702535.

There are two holes on the bottom of the device below the sticker. A small screwdriver or stick can be used to push up the touch cap/display through those holes.

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Thank you for the fast reply - that sounds good to me!

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yes, it is discontinued and I read that Senic will stop supporting it at the end of this year. There are still units in stock at Sonos. If you want to buy one, you’d better hurry up. I don’t know how many Sonos still has in stock.

I will continue supporting Nuimo. It is the controller of my choice best I ever got :+1: I bought a new one from Sonos that came with the Hub some weeks ago and I really love it.

The Nuimo Hub can also be used as Roon Bridge. So if you like you can connect your USB-DAC to it and that’s all you need :slight_smile:

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I already ordered it yesterday directly after I saw your post that you now support it - so it’s already on the way :slight_smile:
Am really looking forward to it.


If you are fast, there is a used Nuimo available in EBay Kleinanzeigen Germany:

Note, that this one comes without the Nuimo Hub. But you can use it with a Raspberry Pi4 if you like. This is how i am operating my Nuimo.
So if you already have a rooExtend box, this is perfect. Note, that rooDial and rooNuimo cannot be operated together on a single Raspberry Pi4. roo6D however, can be operated together with either rooDial or rooNuimo on a single rooExtend box.


I was keen on one(with the HUB to also control my Hue lights), but it seems Sonos US won’t ship to Australia… don’t think I can get my hands on one… :pensive:

This Devialet remote seems almost the same thing…any plans to support this one…?

Looks like Sonos only have white ones left in stock…hurry, hurry, hurry!

Hmmm that would be great to have working as the senic is end of life……

Looks almost identical from the outside - its rocking bluetooth 5…

Available here in the UK for 180 pounds

I don’t be positive that we have a chance to integrate it. Nuimo uses its own bluetooth GATT profile that they made public domain. The GATT pofile of Devialet Remote V2 is not published so I have really no idea how it can be handled.

Best get one of the new or used Nuimos from Sonos or Ebay instead of relying on an integration of the Devialet Revote V2.

Best DrCWO

A nice addition to the Nuimo is a 3D printed stand. It is slightly tilted, so it makes handling the Nuimo even more comfortable. Additionally, since the charging port of the Nuimo is on the bottom, you can still use the Nuimo while it is charging.
Here’s the link to the 3D model for printing:


EDIT: I now have Version 2.0.2 and everything is working perfect. And one thing is very Important:
If you press the nuimo, it start / stop the stream. If you want to use the other functions: Just TOUCH the nuimo, don’t press it.:smirk:

I bought one of this very expensive Nuimos and running it with a raspberry pi W.
Volume control is working fine, pressing in the middle will start/stop the stream.

But if I want to use mute/unmute, it is not muting my amplifier (as the rooDial did), it is starting/stopping the musicstream inside roon.

Same with standby. It is just stops the stream.

Have you configured it correctly in the rooNuimo settings? I never encountered this issue.

Standby first stops the stream and then sets the device to standby is the device is able to go to standby.

Please in the Roon Gui open the volume setting dialog. Does your device have at left top a standby button?

Is there a chance that you have pressend at the position of the sensor points instead of just softly touching?

The tree points left button right are capacitive sensor points. Tounch then softly for a short or a long time as I showed in my video here. As response you get the optical feedback.

(4) DrCWO - YouTube

Please check the video and let me know.

EDIT: I now have version 2.0.2 and everything is working perfect.

Now i have rooNuimo twice, saying connected, but on the nuimo, there is the Bluetooth sign.

An nothing is working. I now will run the hole installation procedures one more time,
But I don’t want to spend hours, to get a very expensive gadget with a very expensive license working properly. Very annoying.